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Jessica  Groopman

Jessica Groopman

Emerging Technology Authority & Trendspotter, Founder at Kaleido Insights


Jessica Groopman is the founder of Kaleido Insights, a technology research and advisory firm based in San Francisco. She specializes in how disruptive technologies impact human, business, and societal trends and trust, translating the implications for decision-makers. Having published dozens of reports on artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and data integrity, and more, Groopman's expertise connects emerging tech applications across industry sectors and demographics. Groopman has advised numerous organizations on navigating the future with research-based strategies, including AARP, Technicolor, Pandora, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, among many others. Read More >

Jessica is a recognized speaker at emerging technology industry events, advisor to start-ups, and a frequent contributor to numerous publications and media outlets. She has also served as contributing member of the International IoT Council, the IEEE's Internet of Things Group, IoT Guru Network and FC Business Intelligence's IoT Nexus Advisory Board. Jessica was also included in Onalytica's list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT.

She has been principal analyst with Tractica where she contributed to its automation and robotics practice, served as research director and principal analyst with Harbor Research, and as an industry analyst with Altimeter Group. Earlier, she led research at Focus Research.

Before she worked in business and technology research, Jessica's research experience was based mostly in academic anthropological fieldwork, specifically in ethnographic, linguistic and archaeological research both in the United States and abroad. Anthropological principles and human-centric design deeply inform her approach to understanding and articulating the opportunities of emerging technologies. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

AI Readiness

The Silent Disruptors

Customer Experience in the Internet of Things

Online Safety in the Age of AI

Speech Topics

AI Readiness: Five Must-Haves for Success in Artificial Intelligence

In the race to harness data, businesses everywhere are investing in AI, yet only one in three AI project succeed. Data may be the requisite for AI, but investing in AI requires preparation across five critical areas. Unearthed through extensive research and interviews of AI leaders, this speech shares findings, examples, and best practices for enterprise AI readiness.  Read More >

Jessica Groopman’s AI Readiness keynote is accessible to any employee—AI impacts us all! Attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • How to define and apply AI to business
  • How to prepare people, data, governance, and infrastructure for fluidity
  • Key takeaways for AI success

Five Things No One is Telling You About Artificial Intelligence

Much ado about artificial intelligence and its commercial adoption. But amidst all the hype lie a number of unsung truths overlooked in most discussions of AI. Upon researching over 400 AI applications across 20+ industries, industry analyst Jessica Groopman has distilled these key findings into five easily digestible considerations for business strategists and innovation leaders.

The Top Tech Trends Impacting Your Customer, Business & Ecosystem

Companies in every industry are contending with rapidly advancing technologies, and they are not only impacting business, but infusing culture, policy, environment, and economics. This speech applies Kaleido Insights’ unique methodology to translate trends into action by connecting tech impacts to your customers, organization, and ecosystem. Read More >

Jessica Groopman’s Tech Trends keynote is sure to surprise and provoke your audience, attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • Unseen technology trends, threats, and opportunities in your industry
  • A framework to contextualize emerging tech
  • How leading organizations are proactively adapting their business models

The Privacy Pendulum: Charting the Technology Paradoxes of Today for Clarity in the Future

We’re surrounded by a proliferation of devices; an untold velocity of data generation and networked services; and an ever-shifting tessellation of new capabilities and regulations. Yet, understanding (not to mention planning) for the future of data privacy requires we see beyond any single technology and contextualize both trends and implications to come. Read More >

In Jessica Groopman’s keynote address on the Future of Privacy, you will learn: Read Less ^

  • Emerging technology, cultural, health, regulatory trends relevant to your business
  • A framework for contextualizing data privacy in the coming decade 
  • Implications for businesses around the future of identity, data ownership, and trust

Architecting Trust: Ethics & Responsibility in Technology Innovation

As we offload human capabilities onto machines, the rise of AI & automation has sparked backlash and demands for accountability. Novel threats to individual, business, and societal health and safety are forcing companies to re-evaluate their products, services, and data stewardship. This speech shares original research on how organizations are proactively addressing trust and ethics in technology design, organizational culture, and business model innovation. Read More >

In Jessica Groopman’s keynote address on the Ethics in Innovation, attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • When, how, where ethical considerations apply in technology design and data collection
  • How leading organizations are addressing questions across the tech stack, business functions, and throughout organizational programs
  • Research-backed recommendations and best practices

Tech-Enabled Wellness? Four Ways the HealthTech Boom will Radically Transform Our Lives

Traditional healthcare and consumer electronics are converging, sparking a profound shift in how technology will augment the human body, mind, relationships, and environment. As big biometric data come online, tech giants and organizations are unlocking incredible new value propositions, but also confronting serious implications. Based on original research, this speech explores market data, technologies, opportunities, and challenges underlying the future of personalization. Read More >

In Jessica Groopman’s HealthTech keynote, attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • Key market drivers for digital health and tech-enabled wellness
  • The four opportunity segments of this emerging market
  • Forecasts and implications for businesses