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Garrett  Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson

Author of Multiple WSJ Bestselling Books, Finance Guru, Comedian & Performer


Garrett Gunderson helps people win the money game and design a life truly worth living. Managing your money can seem complicated, even scary. For 20+ years, Gunderson has helped people keep more of what they make – legally and ethically – by plugging financial leaks and finding cash that is rightfully theirs. That’s bottom line – spendable cash – without working harder. Read More >

Money is our common ground, a universal experience. For some, it provides a life of freedom and opportunity. For most, it creates a losing game. We work harder, or longer, or both. We postpone today for a future dream so that “one day, some day.” There is a better way. Gunderson call it – Win, Then Play. And he's going to show you how.

In his Win, Then Play theatrical keynote, Garrett reveals the simple shifts anyone can make to achieve financial independence. You’ll learn how to keep more of what you make, how to create cash flow with your ideas from day one, and how to prove and profit from new ideas before spending a dime.Put money in its proper place – as a tool to serve you.

Garrett’s books disrupt the system and ideologies that undermine your financial independence. His debut, Killing Sacred Cows was a New York Times bestseller dispelling many of the money myths.

Garrett combines theatricality with storytelling and comedy to deliver paradigm-shifting teaching about money and provide audiences with powerful breakthroughs. Read Less ^

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Cash Flow Optimization: Keep Way More of What You Make

This keynote focuses on how to boost your bottom-line by 10 percent or more without working harder, taking any additional risk, or cut back spending whatsoever. Cutting back costs businesses a fortune. Garrett will share ways you can safely and legally save more in taxes, and have more money to do what you want today without hiring more people or increasing your overhead.

What Would the Rockefellers Do?

How can entrepreneurs build (and keep) their wealth for generations? Ever felt frustrated trying to balance financial objectives like keeping more of what you make, improving your business and providing more for your family? There is a way. The Rockefellers have been doing it for 6 generations, and you can too with The Rockefeller Method.

Money Keynote

A new and unique approach that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take control of their financial future. You’ve never seen anything like this before.

One Man Show

A profound experience designed to inspire you to heal from the past, create a new relationship with money, and design a life you don’t want to retire from.