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Hector  Monsegur

Hector Monsegur

Controversial Hacker & Director of Research/Cyber Risk at Alacrinet

Hector Monsegur

Controversial Hacker & Director of Research/Cyber Risk at Alacrinet


Hector “Sabu” Monsegur was the most controversial hacker of this generation and the former defacto head of Anonymous. Hector grew up in the Lower East Side projects of NY in a world of violence and drugs raised by his aunt who was a powerful drug lord. When his aunt went to prison he adopted his two nieces and used his computer skills to support them and rise far above his socioeconomic barriers and his 9th grade education – this led him into the dark world of hacking.

Hector ruled the “hacktivist” scene breaching targets daily – from Nintendo to News Corp, to PayPal/VISA/Mastercard and Middle Eastern governments to the very security firms supposedly protecting companies and governments from hackers like him. That is until the FBI closed in. Hector was arrested and was given a lenient sentence because of assistance in stopping over 300+ cyber attacks on military and government sites. Hector now does Pen Testing for Fortune 500 companies and the US government. He also host's the highly rated podcast The Hacker and the Fed with Chris Tarbell, the FBI agent that arrested him.

Speaker Videos

On Charlie Rose

The Future of Cyber Security

Early Days of Hacking

Experience Over Certification

Operation Tunisia and Series Hacking

The Next Step

Speech Topics

Hacking Nation States, Government Contractors & Fortune 500 Companies

The lecture touches on a few points:

  • The DHS hack and the consequences.
  • Who are the leaders of state sponsored hacks on foreign governments?
  • What are the most valuable targets and why?
  • The top 5 past breaches in the last 2 years?
  • How are hacks executed and what the teams doing them consist of.
  • The legality of private citizens hacking foreign countries.
  • Details of Hector’s personal experiences of hacking nations during the Arab Spring and the consequences.
  • Hector’s process and experience hacking China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia and US government contractors.

This lecture demystifies the hacking process and lays bare the vulnerabilities of every nation, government contractor and Fortune 500 company.

From Black Hat to White Hat

The world is being rocked by cyberattacks almost daily — both from hacker groups and nation states. From Wikileaks, to Snowden, to massive password leaks — the internet has become a very dangerous place where nothing is secure. Who better to help guide you through this dangerous new world then a former top hacker from Anonymous and Lulzsec? Hector Monsegur has exchanged his “black-hat” for a “white-hat” and can help you and your organization fight back. As an expert in penetrating the networks of major retailers, credit card companies, and governments, Monsegnur can guide you through this complicated world and help you understand what needs to be done. He is able to speak to both a tech-savvy audience as well as others just beginning to learn the dangers. Monsegnur is ready to share his 20 years of experience as a hacker to help you not become the next victim.

The State of Security & Ransomware

Hector lectures on how Solarwinds is still a problem, recent supply chain and municipality attacks, the challenges of backup recovery and mitigating potential damage.

Storage & Recovery: Risks, Reward & Redundancy

Hector discusses storage/recovery and the challenges that it presents and the solutions that are being widely adopted and their deficiencies.

Cybersecurity, A Human Problem Not a Systems Problem

Hector discuss the issue that plagues cybersecurity the most, human error. He examines how we deal with disinformation and social engineering and the human element.

Former Blackhats Perspective on Ransomware & Mitigation

This lecture is on general security topics (best practices, new threats, ransomeware etc.


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Podcast: Hacker And The Fed