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Ira  Flatow

Ira Flatow

Host of Public Radio’s Science Friday

Ira Flatow

Host of Public Radio’s Science Friday


A 35-year veteran of public radio and the host of the long running Science Friday program, Ira Flatow is an award-winning science correspondent and broadcast journalist familiar to millions around the world. As host of "SciFri," Flatow brings radio and internet listeners lively, informative discussions on topics ranging from science and technology to health, space and the environment. A prominent proponent of making science accessible and understandable to all audiences, Flatow describes his work and mission as a challenge "to make science and technology a topic for discussion around the dinner table." To this aim, he founded the Science Friday Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to creating broadcast and internet projects "that make science user-friendly."

During more than four decades on radio and television, Flatow has covered cutting edge science stories on a range of programs, reporting from locations that have included Three Mile Island, Antarctica and the South Pole. His numerous TV credits include the four-part series, Big Ideas, six years as host and writer for the Emmy award-winning Newton’s Apple on PBS and as science reporter for CBS This Morning and CNBC. Flatow has talked science on a range of programs including the Today Show, Oprah and webcasts for Discovery Online, The Great Planet Debate and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. He has also co-starred on the hit CBS series The Big Bang Theory. He is the author of a number of books, most recently, Present at the Future: From Evolution to Nanotechnology, Candid and Controversial Conversations on Science and Nature. His writing has also appeared in magazines ranging from Woman’s Day to ESPN. Flatow’s leadership in the world of science and science communication has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the Isaac Asimov Award, the Nierenberg Prize, National Science Teachers Association Faraday Science Communicator Award, the National Science Board Public Service Award, and the Carl Sagan Award.

Self-described as "the proverbial kid who spent hours in the basement experimenting with electronic gizmos, and then entering them in high school science fairs," Flatow’s infectious enthusiasm for all things science has endeared him to generations of audiences. As a speaker, he makes science — and topics ranging from future technologies to science and the media — engaging, accessible, and always entertaining.

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