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Jaclyn  Gallo

Jaclyn Gallo

CEO of Clarity and Action Consulting, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author


Jaclyn Gallo is a keynote speaker, author, and in-demand life coach. Gallo has mentored hundreds of women, published two best-selling books, and has spoken on 125+ stages in seven countries, including the TEDX stage. She has been featured by Forbes, Elite Daily, Bustle and Washington Business Journal, and her book has been featured on Good Morning Washington. Gallo is also the host of the popular podcast, Spark Your Light, which has nearly 50,000 downloads in 94 countries. Read More >

Gallo started her first business from her college dorm room at Georgetown University. It was a total failure and she spent more than $50,000 on ideas that never made it off the ground. Applying her learnings from the failures she experienced, Gallo built a thriving company where she helps women use their failures as a springboard to create their dream lives, just like she did.

Gallo’s captivating energy sparks a fire in audiences that pushes them to think outside the box and unlock their full potential. Casey Algeo, Internal Events Lead at Comcast described Gallo as “a true inspiration and guiding light to all of those who have the privilege to hear her speak and even better yet, engage with her in a live q&a following.” Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League universities and many others. Gallo leaves audiences with tangible tools to improve their mindset, build resilience and achieve greater success than they ever thought was possible. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

The Limitless Woman: Unlock the Potential That Has Always Been Inside of You

After mentoring hundreds of women through her life coaching practice, digital courses, and top-rated podcast, Jaclyn Gallo found that there is just one thing that holds women back from their full potential- themselves. In this transformational keynote, Jaclyn shares the top three fears that hold women back, and more importantly, how they can overcome these fears and step into their limitless potential.

Half Empty to Half Full: Build a Positive Mindset to Create Growth and Success

One of the most prevalent lessons that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic is simply this: mindset matters. As a life coach and best-selling author, Jaclyn Gallo inspires audiences to shift their perspective and see the glass as half full. In this keynote, she shares the science of positive thinking, which explains how our thoughts directly impact our circumstances. She also equips listeners with tangible tools to help them build new habits and create lasting change in their lives.

The Art of Bouncing Back: How to Embrace Failure & Build Resilience

Most people believe that failure is a part of success. Life coach and best-selling author Jaclyn Gallo disagrees. Rather than viewing failure as only a part of success, Jaclyn sees it as the key to success...the secret sauce that so many are searching for. Jaclyn learned this lesson firsthand when she spent $50,000 on business ideas that never made it off the ground. In this refreshing keynote, she shares how she went from a broke college student with failed business ideas to a successful entrepreneur who has mentored and inspired thousands of women. Through her teachings, Jaclyn empowers audiences with tangible strategies to embrace failure and build resilience so they can overcome any challenge life throws at them.

Vision Board Workshop

The Vision Board Workshop is an interactive program where life coach and author Jaclyn Gallo helps attendees find clarity on their goals, create a visual representation of these goals through the creation of a digital vision board and finally, take action to make these goals reality. In the workshop, Jaclyn shares the scientific principles of manifestation, and helps each attendee create their own vision board. Through her teachings, Gallo inspires audiences to dream bigger and go all in on the things that spark a light inside of them.