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Jean Paul Paulynice

Jean Paul Paulynice

Forbes-Featured Best-Selling Author, Book Award Winner, Education Advocate & Founder of Empowering Confident Youth

Jean Paul Paulynice

Forbes-Featured Best-Selling Author, Book Award Winner, Education Advocate & Founder of Empowering Confident Youth


Business strategist, 2020 IPPY Gold Book Award Winner, and Forbes-featured bestselling author Jean Paul Paulynice, MBA is one of the country’s foremost African-American motivational writers and speakers with a genuine passion for helping people create their dream life through personal growth and professional development. Jean Paul is also a stalwart advocate for reimagining education through social-emotional learning (SEL). He recently launched Empowering Confident Youth, an 11-week SEL program for parents, teachers, counselors, and community leaders to nurture the growth of emotional intelligence, passion, purpose, and an “entrepreneurial spirit” — a can-do attitude — in children and young adults.

Jean Paul is on a quest to spur young people to embrace innovative entrepreneurship in the United States, which he considers to be a vital movement worth championing in today’s uncertain employment world. Helping middle and high school kids gain the courage to take a leap of faith and start thinking outside the box with his knowledge and expertise is what he strives to do every day. All of his efforts, from classes to books to one-on-one guidance, lead to one simple yet significant goal: providing others with a sense of hope.

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From Idea to Reality: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Meaningful Business Growth Book Promo

Speech Topics

Reimagining Education

Students of all ages deserve an education that works for them.

Despite the amazing efforts of parents, teachers, and mentors, our current educational system needs a serious boost. That is where Jean Paul comes in: his talks cover what adults need to do to take their students’ education to the next level. Discussing the power of SEL, cultivating a personal identity, overcoming fears and doubts, building healthy relationships, and developing what we call an entrepreneurial spirit. Listen to Jean Paul as he delivers the secrets to success.

  • Reimagining education: providing youth with the tools for success
  • The missing piece in our educational system
  • SEL in the virtual classroom
  • Infusing SEL with entrepreneurial skills
  • Improving SEL: advantages and disadvantages of the current system
  • Success starts young (but doesn’t have to be exhausting)
  • Helping children explore personal interests and curiosities
  • Goal setting and purpose-driven choices in the classroom
  • How to cultivate self-confidence in children
  • Contributing to society doesn’t mean what you think it means
  • Planting the seeds of entrepreneurship
  • Empowering Confident Youth toolkit: preparing to enter the adult world

Getting Down to Business

You have what it takes to turn an idea into reality.

Going into business isn’t a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking either. Perhaps the biggest obstacle you will ever face as an entrepreneur and business owner is yourself. Jean Paul takes the doubts and fears that plague innovators and turns them into stepping stones while equipping his audiences with tools that will rocket their businesses to success and beyond.

  • How to get your business from idea to reality
  • Getting over business blues and negative self-talk
  • Following your passion and making money at the same time
  • Spurring innovative business-led entrepreneurship in the United States
  • Launching and maintaining a business during COVID-19
  • From getting out of bed to launching your dream business: how to self-motivate
  • Business myths
  • The benefits of hope in business and life
  • Helping adults find authentic happiness
  • Overcoming fear and doubts
  • Career transitions: embracing opportunity, not fear
  • The power of believing in yourself when no one else does

Community & Parents

Grow together and watch the rewards bloom.

Between school for the kids, late work nights, and hectic schedules, taking the time to purposefully grow together can seem almost impossible. Jean Paul shares his firsthand experience and how to navigate the difficulties of parenting while laying the groundwork so you can go from “barely making it” to harmony and happiness in no time.

  • Helping children find authentic happiness
  • Achieve success together as parents
  • Empower your family and community through faith
  • Embracing a passionate lifestyle as parents

Racial Justice

Make the “R word” a thing of the past.

Racism: While this is an uncomfortable topic for some, it is a stark reality for many others. Rather than avoid the subject altogether, Jean Paul bravely shares the obstacles he’s overcome in an effort to shine a light on the injustices (big and small) that minority groups face every day. His profound lessons on the importance of diversity and inclusion can apply to the classroom, home, and workplace.

  • Teaching children to unlearn prejudice and racism
  • Unlearning racism and prejudice as an adult
  • How to create an inclusive class environment
  • How to create an inclusive work environment
  • Empowering underrepresented young people
  • African American entrepreneurship; overcoming obstacles
  • What it means to be an immigrant entrepreneur

Writing to Success

So, you want to be an author?

Writing a book is simple (really, it is). Put pen to paper, and boom, you have a first draft. Writing a bestselling book that you can be proud of, on the other hand, is not so easy. As a 2020 IPPY Gold Book Award Winner and a Forbes-featured bestselling author, Jean Paul is ready to outline his path to literary success and how to stay true to purpose and passion in the meantime.

  • How to become a bestselling author
  • How to write a bestselling book
  • Writing with passion in mind