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Jeremiah  Owyang

Jeremiah Owyang

Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder, Kaliedo Insights & Catalyst Companies

Jeremiah Owyang

Disruptive Tech & Corporate Innovation Expert, Founder, Kaliedo Insights & Catalyst Companies


Jeremiah is a founding partner at Kaleido Insights; a research and advisory firm based in San Francisco. Their mission is to enable organizations to act on technological disruption based on original research resulting in pragmatic recommendations. Jeremiah is also the founder at Catalyst Companies, which focuses on advising and supporting corporate innovation leaders.

Jeremiah is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving insights through rigorous research. From corporate innovation, autonomous technology or modern wellbeing, he views every aspect of emerging technologies through the lens of growth, opportunity and constantly shifting consumer behaviors and expectations. Forever at the forefront, he identifies trends and advises major companies to adapt their business models to better connect with customers. His clients include Adobe, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Nestle, Esurance, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, and Colgate among others.

An acknowledged thought leader and widely read publisher, Owyang has appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Fast Company. He also publishes numerous research reports, playbooks and frameworks to help businesses navigate change, improve customer experiences and identify trends before they happen.

Owyang's career took shape as an analyst with Forrester Research, advising on social strategy for the interactive marketer. He was a Founding Partner and Research Director at Altimeter Group, specializing in customer strategy and emerging technologies. He formed Catalyst Companies in 2013 to focus on the emerging collaborative economy and the maker movement.

Owyang is recognized as the definitive authority on corporate innovation programs, ready to translate the next wave of powerful technologies and transform the way you do business.

A popular speaker and presenter at conferences and events around the world, from global conferences, corporate kickoffs, or on a TED stage, Jeremiah is ready to translate the next wave of powerful technologies and transform the way you do business.

Speaker Videos

TED: When Cars Become Alive

How Disruptive Technologies Power the Collaborative Economy

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The Origins of the Collaborative Economy

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When Robots Take the Wheel: The Future of Mobility in an Autonomous World

Speech Topics

What Does Web 3.0/DeFi Mean To Your Company?

Crowds are forming their own organizations using blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. How can your company take advantage of these same technologies and strategies without being left behind?

New web technologies are empowering individuals to connect to each other using blockchain. They are sharing currencies (crypto), digital assets like Non Fungible Tokens (commonly called NFTs), and are forming their own collectives known as DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations). Looking just a step ahead, these technologies are a setup for the growing Metaverse movement as groups of people interact in virtual settings.

Looking broadly, these technologies are enabling crowds to assemble their own organizations like companies, to self-govern, self-fund, and grow revenue and value for themselves instead of relying on traditional organizations.

Established organizations and companies can use these same technologies and tactics to their advantage. This presentation will offer case studies of companies that are using these strategies to offer new payment systems, membership programs, digital goods and experiences, and preparations for their brands to embrace the Metaverse.

This informative presentation will provide:

  • A solid foundation with clear definitions and examples of “What is Web 3.0?” and “What does it mean for my organization”.
  • What is Web 3.0? What are the enablers and drivers?
  • How are cryptocurrencies the new currency, NFTs the new assets, and DAOs the new organizational models?
  • How does this all lead to the Metaverse, and are we ready?
  • How big companies are utilizing these same technologies and strategies, including case examples like:
  • Getting your company ready, internally: which roles and departments need to be activated and empowered.

The Corporate Innovation Imperative: Counter Disruption by Strengthening Your Ecosystem

Today's companies are trying to innovate by keeping up with the latest technology trends, while the real challenge to overcome lies in their internal culture. This leaves novice companies deploying many innovation programs with little cross-collaboration, leading to incremental innovation rather than long-lasting product, service, customer experience, or business model changes.

Jeremiah Owyang’s presentation of case studies and original survey data will show you how mature companies are overcoming these challenges and more by:

  • Approaching innovation in 10 distinct ways, from internal intrapreneurship programs and Centers of Excellence, to external incubator partnerships and innovation outposts.
  • Assigning key performance indicators to each innovation program to measure success and secure executive support.
  • Breaking through the middle-management "permafrost" layer that is resistant to change in favor of short-term goals.
  • Building nimble enough teams to innovate while still maintaining their existing revenue streams.
  • Attracting quality talent and bolstering existing talent with the right innovation education.

Adapting Your Business Model to Evolving Customers & Emerging Tech

Technologies are emerging more rapidly than ever and they’re changing customer relationships with your brand. Rather than remain reactive, leading companies are proactively examining how these new technologies affect their business model and how they must shift to survive. In an individually customized presentation, Jeremiah Owyang will identify technology trends that impact your industry and provide clear examples of the business models you’ll need to consider as you lead your company into the future.

This game-changing presentation includes:

  • A research-based overview of key technology movements that impact consumer behaviors and expectations, including the Internet of Things (IoT), drone deliveries, artificial intelligence, the collaborative/sharing economy, our connected world, blockchain and more.
  • Clear case examples of what leading companies are doing to address these changes, including how they’re adapting their business models.
  • Recommendations around what actions companies must take to stay ahead of future market changes triggered by emerging technologies.

Autonomous World: Prepare for the Future of Business

As drones, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence systems emerge, businesses must pivot to meet shifting customer expectations. From on-demand retail at your doorstep, to new insurance options for altered mobility experiences, Jeremiah Owyang addresses how a range of industries will be impacted by an increasingly autonomous world.

You’ll learn:

  • How rapidly autonomous technologies are emerging and which industries will be affected first.
  • Real-world examples of how every industry will eventually be impacted by the autonomous world, both in the near- and long-term.
  • The role of workers as automation integrates into a crowd-based economy.
  • How companies must adapt today to compete in this new market.

The Collaborative Economy: How the Crowd Becomes Your Company

Mobile and social are converging and powering exciting new opportunities through the Collaborative Economy. From now-familiar names like AirBnb and Uber to new, emerging brands and phenomena like crowdfunding and the Maker Movement, these new models are disrupting how consumers buy goods and services and experience brands.

How can your organization benefit by tapping into the crowd? How can you not only stay relevant, but lead the charge in your own industry? No matter what kind of business you’re in, Jeremiah Owyang prepares you for what’s next.

This informative presentation covers:

  • How the Collaborative Economy has landed in hospitality, transportation, services and money—and how new industries like insurance, beauty, health, and energy will be impacted next.
  • The rapid evolution of the Collaborative Economy into autonomous systems as Lyft, Uber and China’s Didi launch self-driving cars.
  • Activating crowd technologies to make goods and services available on demand, reducing waste and increasing sales.
  • Creating new business opportunities that also reduce capital expenditures.
  • The role that workers play when automation integrates into this crowd-based economy.

Modern Wellbeing: How Tech Changes Our Minds, Bodies, Communities & Spaces

Jeremiah’s research has identified another powerful technology trend where consumer-grade technologies, powered by tech giants, are enabling humans to augment their thoughts, emotions, bodies, and relationships with others. In this dynamic speech he’ll define "modern wellbeing" by illustrating the four areas being augmented by technology, sharing key case studies, and showcasing some of the leading technology providers. The modern wellbeing trend isn’t just a rose-colored road; there are serious concerns around privacy, power shifting to Silicon Valley, and the core purpose of the human condition.

Jeremiah will explore these challenges, as well as provide additional trend data, funding information, and forecast future implications.

  • Learn about research-based insights on the "well-tech" space
  • Find out why Calm is now valued at a billion dollars, with its customers being large enterprise organizations.
  • Find out how Apple now has more information about our well being than our primary care doctors, and how consumers and citizens are turning Silicon Valley for their wellbeing – rather than traditional health institutions.

Did You Hear? Social Audio is the Goldilocks Medium

In the midst of quarantine, the top tech trend is social audio. Maybe you’ve heard of elite Clubhouse, filled with CEOs, celebrities, and the tech elite. Or perhaps you’ve tried Twitter Spaces or have read about Facebook’s upcoming product. In all these scenarios, communication is radically changing, as people shift to real-time discussions.

• Why Social Audio is referred to as the “Goldilocks Medium”. Video is too much, text is not enough, but real time voice is just right, real time examples, as needed.
• Why Twitter, Facebook and Clubhouse are leaning into real time voice conversations over text and images.
• Case examples: How large companies are changing their communication strategies to appeal to this changing need.
• Futurist’s predictions: What the 6 new product categories will be, as they emerge from this new category, A forecast of what’s to come, even as we move out of quarantine.
• How your company can get involved and lead: Business opportunities for market research, marketing, sales, communications, executive leadership, customer care, and product innovation.