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Joe  Mechlinski

Joe Mechlinski

New York Times Best-Selling Author & entreQuest CEO


Joe Mechlinski, a New York Times bestselling author, engaging speaker, CEO of SHIFT, father to two, and avid community activist, has a deep-rooted passion that lies in helping to build company cultures based on mission, strategy, and growth, regardless of economic or industrial circumstance. Read More >

He believes in creating cultures where the best talent will seek out opportunities with the best places to work, because when you create something that attracts talent, the talent will stay. SHIFT was recently recognized by Inc. as a 2017 Best Place to Work and has been named by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work” for five consecutive years.

His team at SHIFT embodies the all-in attitude Joe lives by. SHIFT is a collective of four distinct and powerful businesses centered around a mission to shift the work world to transform the real world. They include: SHIFT Consulting, SHIFT Recruiting, SHIFT Society, and SHIFT Ventures.

For SHIFT and Joe, the realization of this mission means creating a more engaged workforce.

It means encouraging employees to find their purpose so they can live better, more fulfilling lives.

It means being riveted by the work you do, because that work lights you up!

Since founding SHIFT, Joe and the organization have been featured on Bloomberg Radio, Forbes, Entrepreneur, I 95 Business, and The Wall Street Journal Online. In 2014, Joe was invited to sit on the White House Small Business Council. A decade after SHIFT’s inception, Joe compiled the lessons he learned from his early life experiences, and his work with more than 520 organizations across the country, into the 2013 New York Times bestseller: Grow Regardless.

One of his biggest passions remains giving back—especially in Baltimore, where he got his start.

Above all, Joe is a devoted husband and loving father to two beautiful kids, in whom he is instilling the value of growth, regardless, every day. Read Less ^

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Three Strategies to Grow Regardless

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Grow Regardless

In this speech, Mechlinski helps executive teams, CEOs, board of directors and management teams grow their organization regardless of size, industry, the economy, and despite the government. He guides audiences through how they can continue to motivate their team and own the direction they are moving. He also educates business owners on the five dynamics that are changing the world today: distraction, destruction, disconnection, distrust and debt. Additionally, you will learn the five questions you should be asking that you’re not: What really matters? What’s most important? Why are we doing this? What’s the aim? And who else cares?

Make It Remarkable

Through his first hand experiences, Mechlinski delivers continuous value to customer service representatives, sales people and all client facing professionals by helping them provide their clients with remarkable experiences at every turn. Audience members will learn to understand what’s happening to the economy and where the economy is moving so they can think differently in how they treat people. In addition, they will learn how to increase standards from good to great and great to remarkable for client experiences.


Human resources professionals, cross-functional committee of change oriented professionals, management teams and executive teams can learn to create sustainable change within their organizations through this inspiring speech. Mechlinski shares the one critical rule that gets people to support direction moving forward. He also teaches professionals how to ask questions, listen and do something with the information learned, the five steps to creating sustainable change and most importantly, how to RESET your culture’s direction.

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Grow Regardless

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