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Joerg Zuber &  Noonoouri

Joerg Zuber & Noonoouri

Creator of Noonoouri

Joerg Zuber & Noonoouri

Creator of Noonoouri


Joerg Zuber was just five years old when he purchased his first magazine, Vogue. He'd discovered his mother's fashion magazines and was immediately drawn to the beauty, and bold ideas the glossy pages presented at the time. His combined love for fashion, beauty, and self-expression led him to create Noonoouri, one of the most successful virtual influencers on Instagram.

Joerg is one of the few luminaries in the emerging world of CGI influencers taking the concept of digital communication to unconventional heights. Joerg's digital character, Noonoouri, has 374k followers and counting.

After immersing himself in the dreamy, glossy world of fashion magazines, Joerg envisioned himself as fashion designer in the future. Using the same motivations, the world gets to see his artistic vision and creativity through Noonoouri. This creativity has charmed and warmed the hearts of the fashion world.

Through Noonoouri, Joerg has top-name fashion houses in his portfolio. The digital personality has worked with Dior, Valentino, and MiuMiu. And she's been courted by Kim Kardashian, appearing in a contouring beauty tutorial for Kim K's beauty line KKW beauty. Joerg's triple C values for Noonoouri are cute, curious, and couture, an unusual yet inspiring cocktail of success.

He's a testament to believing in the power of your dreams. After unsuccessfully searching for investors who would allow him to keep his creative vision for Noonoouri, he worked hard to bring Noonoouri to life by himself.

The conscious art creator demonstrates that being self motivating, and not compromising on your ideals is key to attaining one's goals. Noonoouri's break into the unconventional world of AI-modeled Instagram influencers was inspired by his desire to create something "specific or focused" — impetuses seemingly lacking in the frequently clichéd world of Instagram influencers.

It's this specificity that inspires him to offer something new to Noonoouri's fans every time. He aspires to produce "a different perspective," something people "haven't seen before." Joerg always aims to "invite people to think out of the box."

Joerg is based in Munich, Germany, though he's a citizen of the world. Not only for being a wandering discoverer of new continents and sunsets, he's also a citizen of the world in that he wants it to be a better place. That's evident in Noonoouri's activist streak — who's a fur-free, clean environment and feminism supporter with the mantra #neverbesilent. Her animal rights activism can be seen in her collaborations with the IUCN and the Netflix documentary - Seaspiracy. A film about the environmental impact of commercial fishing.

Joerg's passion for change frequently leads him and Noonoouri towards high-profile advocacy corridors. He's been involved in Charlize Theron's Swarovski Crystal of Hope award for her Africa Outreach Project. He's supported the World Wildlife Fund, Fashion for Relief, and more.

While some are cautious about the possibilities of AI, Joerg isn't. He's excited and "fearless" about the prospect of his digital character taking on an AI-powered life form. For him, it's something "we should take advantage of rather than be afraid of."

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