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John  Rotche

John Rotche

Founder & CEO of Franworth

John Rotche

Founder & CEO of Franworth


John Rotche, an Ernst and Young recognized top Entrepreneur of the Year, renowned speaker, and author of the book REACH is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their fullest potential. With a background rooted in strategic business development and franchising, John has established himself as a leading authority in the world of entrepreneurship.

John Rotche's journey to entrepreneurship was catalyzed by a pivotal moment in his life — a life-altering accident that temporarily paralyzed him and prevented him from reaching his lifelong dream of becoming a collegiate athlete. This unforeseen setback forced him to reevaluate his path and pivot toward a new direction. Instead of allowing adversity to deter him, John channeled his resilience and determination into building a successful career in business. Drawing parallels between the discipline and perseverance required in athletics and entrepreneurship, he embraced challenges head-on, leveraging his competitive spirit and drive to excel. This transformative experience not only fueled his passion for entrepreneurship but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for resilience, adaptability, and the power to overcome obstacles.  

Today, John Rotche's journey serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of embracing adversity and turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and success.

As the founder of Franworth, John Rotche has pioneered innovative strategies to help businesses scale and succeed. Through his expertise, John has helped numerous brands navigate the complexities of franchising, fostering growth and expansion on a national scale. 

John Rotche's insights and experiences are encapsulated in his acclaimed book, REACH. In this insightful work of personal lessons learned, he shares practical strategies and actionable advice for individuals and organizations striving to unlock their true potential. Drawing from his own journey as an entrepreneur and business leader, John inspires readers to transcend limitations, set audacious goals, and chart a path to success. 

John’s dedication to empowering individuals extends beyond the business realm. In 2023, he founded M Power – Brand for Life, a program aimed at assisting University of Michigan Football athletes in developing personal brands, building and navigating business ventures, and pursing opportunities through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). In its inaugural year, the University of Michigan football team overcame tremendous adversity and went on to win the National Championship. 

John Rotche captivates audiences with his warm and dynamic presence, engaging storytelling, and profound wisdom. His presentations are not only informative but also inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. With a blend of authenticity and expertise, John connects with diverse audiences, sparking meaningful dialogue and motivating individuals to take decisive action toward their goals.

Whether addressing aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders, or industry professionals, John Rotche leaves a lasting impression on his audience. His insights resonate across industries and demographics, empowering individuals to embrace change, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities for growth and transformation. 

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John Rotche Named 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year

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Reach Out. Reach High. Reach Back

A roadmap for success in business, in franchising, in life.

Have you ever had a dream or a big audacious goal, but it fell flat before it was realized? Having a vision or a big idea is one thing, but bringing it to life is the hard part. In this essential talk, John inspires and motivates listeners to Reach beyond what they think is possible and go for aspirational goals to turn big ideas into successes.  

Reach out is the story of finding and following strong role models.  

Reach high is the story of setting and reaching goals beyond what you thought possible.  

Reach back is the story of paying it forward and inspiring the next generation of leaders.