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John  Sileo

John Sileo

Cybersecurity Expert, CEO & President of The Sileo Group


John Sileo left hi-tech consulting for two reasons: to start a family and to launch a software startup in the earliest stages of cloud computing. Six successful years, a multimillion-dollar business and two precious daughters later, he lost the business and his wealth to cybercrime. Read More >

Because the cybercriminal, a company insider, masked the crimes using John’s identity, John was held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The losses destroyed his company, decimated his finances and consumed two years of his personal life as he fought to stay out of jail.

John Sileo has shared his story and hard-earned lessons as an award-winning author,60 Minutes guest and keynote speaker to the Pentagon, Schwab and thousands of audiences ready to defend their data. John specializes in the human element of cyber security and uses humor, audience interaction and cutting-edge research to keep his message relevant and entertaining.

John is CEO & President of The Sileo Group, a Denver-based technology think tank. He graduated with honors from Harvard University and was recently inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame.

When not speaking, John spends time hiking with his family in the Rocky Mountains, reading psychological thrillers and earning his 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, where he is regularly thrashed by teenagers half his size. Read Less ^

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Human Powered Cyber Security

Security Through Humor Not Fear

Loss Inspires Change

Bridging Personal & Business

Live iPhone Hacking

Speech Topics

Cyber Threat Evolution: Hacking the Hacker’s Mindset

The cybercrime landscape has shifted radically. Rapid growth in remote workforces, cloud jacking, smart devices, cyber blackmail and disinformation have altered the way we must defend our data, privacy and profits. Increasingly, cybercriminals leverage crisis and news headlines to fuel and fund social engineering scams, financial fraud and geo-political influence. Hackers don’t just adapt to change; they bank on it. Has your mindset evolved? Read More >

Never lose hope or give in to fear, because effective solutions exist when you take ownership. But the answers don’t just reside in technology – they reside in people and innovation – with the executives and employees who become either your weakest link or your most flexible line of data defense. In this presentation, John Sileo will leverage lessons learned from losing his entire business to cybercrime while simultaneously facing jailtime. He will show you how to deploy a threat narrative to empower your culture of security, and how crisis and failure are untapped weapons in your anti-fraud toolkit.

Key Deliverables – After this virtual presentation, attendees will: Read Less ^

  • Understand how cybersecurity has shifted due to recent events
  • Identify the 3-5 greatest risks growing out of our new reality
  • Take concrete steps to minimize these vulnerabilities

Your Data is Showing: Protecting Your Privacy in the Surveillance Economy

Smart speakers and digital assistants like Alexa, Google and Siri eavesdrop on the conversations you have at home and work, sharing your preferences and behaviors with their ‘partners.’ Super cookies collect your browsing history even when you have cookies turned off, selling your privacy to the highest bidder. Mobile phone providers track and trade your location while social media sites like Facebook and Instagram build psychographic dossiers that classify you according to your attitudes, aspirations and psychological profile. And you sit there, unaware, both a fan and victim of the two faces of technology : convenience and surveillance. Your Data is Showing focuses on taking back your privacy with skills that apply across the ever-changing tactics of clever marketer, digital advertisers and cyber criminals.

Cyber Security 2020: Threats, Trends & Tactics

The cyber-threat landscape is shifting in new and critical directions. While financial gain still drives cybercrime, the accumulation and exercise of raw power is the latest holy grail. Criminals are strategically leveraging potent tools, from hacking the news cycle (fake news) to manipulating outcomes (election fraud), from weaponizing the Internet of Things (cyber warfare) to exploiting information for the purpose of extortion (cyber blackmail.) Read More >

The common mistake is to assume that these trends won’t affect an organization like yours or people like you. And that is where the danger lies. Cyber Security 2020 is full of solutions to help you plan and prepare for the latest wave of threats before they land on your shores, saving you time, money and reputational damage. Read Less ^

The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cybersecurity Threats & Solutions

To avoid becoming the next disastrous data-breach headline, you must foster a healthy culture of security that addresses both the technological and human elements of data defense. Change happens when you create energy and buy-in among the people who handle your mission-critical information. When it comes to the latest data security threats, you can’t possibly do everything—but you must do the right things. This cyber security training crash course forges a high-level, non-technical path through the often-confusing web of human decision making, cyber defense, mobile technology, IoT, social media and cloud computing—critical components of your success. This highly-interactive presentation builds on John’s experience losing everything to cybercrime, continues with a live hacking demo of an audience member’s smartphone and ends with an actionable Roadmap of Next Steps.

C-Level Cybersecurity: Building a Bulletproof Culture of Security

Security awareness starts at the top. Cybercriminals lust for your corporate data. Competitors bribe your disgruntled employee for a thumb drive full of confidential files. Social engineers exploit your executives’ social media profiles – a veritable “how to” guide for network security access. Hackers “sniff” unprotected IP addresses and cloud traffic you didn’t even know existed. Cyber extortionists encrypt your mission-critical data and demand a ransom. In the meantime, you end up the next disastrous headline – reputation damaged, customers fleeing. Cybercrime and corporate data breach are a huge financial cost and legal liability to organizations. This does not have to be your fate. As a leader, you must learn to cope with a wide range of cyber threats with little to no technical background, limited resources and almost no lead time. The answer lies in your preparation and strength of culture. This presentation aims at leaders looking to imbue their culture with security strategies from the boardroom to the break room. John leverages his work with clients like the Pentagon and Schwab to help you develop a prioritized punch list of critical action items.

Think Like a Spy: Personal Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft training is no longer optional. Every move you make in the digital world can be tracked, hacked, recorded and exploited. Threat sources like smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technology, cloud computing and social media have shifted the competitive landscape in favor of cyber-savvy users with strong identity theft training. Due to the power of personally identifying information (PII) and the rapid rate at which information is being compromised, we must leverage the very latest prevention tools to protect everything from our Social Security numbers to bank accounts, from passwords to confidential emails. John delivers these identity theft countermeasures in a highly interactive, disarmingly humorous presentation inspired by his personal loss of more than $300,000, his business and two years of his life to data theft. In Think Like a Spy, John focuses specifically on identity theft prevention tools that apply to every individual in your audience.

The Art of Human Hacking: Social Engineering Self Defense

Anti-fraud and social engineering training only work when your people experience it in person. Human beings can be the weakest link or the strongest competitive advantage in the security and profitability of your information assets. But people are the most commonly underutilized, least expensive weapon in your fight against cybercrime. Social Engineering Training too often fails because of Death by PowerPoint. Fraud training needs to be engaging and interactive to be effective. To put it simply, this session makes security fun, so that it sticks. In this continually-interactive session, John goes deep into social engineering tools and tricks used to separate you from your critical data. By building System-1, Reflex-Based Awareness around how tools like social media, trust shortcuts, ego stroking, greed appeals, and cortisol flushing enable social engineers, John will dramatically reduce the human element of your threat footprint. By the time John finishes his entertaining closing story, your audience will be fully empowered to detect and deter social engineering, fraud and deception.