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Jon  Levy

Jon Levy

Human Behavior Scientist Specializing in Influence, Consumer Behavior, Networking & Adventure


Jon Levy applies cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and anthropology to unlock the secrets of influence and give you indispensable insights into human behavior and decision-making. Fast Company called him “the most well-connected behavior scientist you’ve never heard of.” Audiences have praised him as transformational business speaker and “masterful communicator” that “takes abstract neuroscience and behavioral science ideas and makes them relatable to our everyday way of working.” Read More >

Known for rapid fire discussions that unlock creativity, reframe challenges and generate actionable solutions, Levy is earning stellar reviews from discerning audiences. His Influencers Model for Engagement inspires fresh approaches to marketing, sales, innovation, PR, events, product design, customer relationships, building brand loyalty and virtually any business topic that involves influencing human behavior. His in-depth study of the science of adventure, captured in his 2016 book, The 2 a.m. Principle, utilizes the latest research on peak human performance, neuroscience and psychology to help organizations and teams maximize success.

Jon Levy first gained international attention as the founder of The Influencers and The Influencers Dinner, a private community and secret dining experience with the mission of bringing extraordinary people together. Membership has grown to include over 700 TV and movie stars, Olympians, Nobel Laureates, business leaders, famed artists and royalty, among others. Now a sought-after consultant and soon-to-be author, he brings many years of experience as a scientist, marketer and strategist specializing in consumer engagement, customer acquisition and product development. His own pursuit of adventure has included travel to the world’s greatest events (Grand Prix, Art Basel, Burning Man, Running of the Bulls, etc.) and plans to visit all seven continents.

Known for asking the right questions, doing his research, and collaborative preparation with clients, Levy delivers presentations that are highly interactive and filled with fascinating content, unforgettable stories and tales from his many adventures. A natural problem solver, he frequently brainstorms with audiences about their individual or organizational challenges—empowering fresh new approaches and actionable takeaways. As one attendee raved, “We all walked away with a new sense of inspiration. We actually began looking at challenges differently.” Read Less ^

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The Secrets of Influence: Why 90% of the Audience will Pick the Red Hammer

What if you could affect the decisions people made? What would you do with that influence? Would you help them lose weight, go on more vacations, save more money? What if you could use that knowledge to market better and sell more of a great product, or create more loyal customers? Read More >

The world scientific community has amassed astounding research on human behavior but virtually none of it is applied. Are you curious why people make the decisions they make and how to affect them? By applying cutting edge science from Behavioral Economics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Anthropology, etc. you can learn to do just that.

Discover the surprising way: Read Less ^

  • You can market products to people before they are born.
  • Your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends whom you have never met or heard of are making you fat, happy, smart, etc.
  • Make people less aggressive negotiators based on where they sit.
  • You can be more convincing based on the side of a person you sit on.
  • Companies overwhelm your senses to get you to buy more.
  • You can set up options to give the impression of choice. By the way, if you think you made that choice, think again, you didn’t.

Influence the Influencers: Garnering the Attention & Trust of the Most Important People in Our Culture

Every brand, company, PR firm and agency in the world is attempting to create meaningful relationships with influencers. They want accesses to the sway these tastemakers have on our culture, and their ability to impact industries. But why is it that with countless man-hours and millions of dollars being spent a year on programs, events, and campaigns attempting to reach them, there has been only moderate success without financial incentive? The reason is that people don’t understand how to engage influencers, they don’t understand that separates these thought leaders form everyone else, and so they cant connect. Read More >

What if it could be so much simpler? What if there was a proven model for connecting with the most influential people in every industry? Jon Levy spent a year researching how to do just that. He discovered that connecting with influencers requires four characteristics, and when in place not only will they want to engage, they will approach you, and your brand asking to participate. Could it be so simple? Yes, as Jon proved through the creation of his private community, The Influencers. Over the course of 6 years Jon created a community of hundreds of the most influential people in culture.

Learning the Influencer Model for Engagement will redefine the way you, your clients, and your company approaches marketing, events, PR, and relationships. The Influencers, thought leaders, and taste makers that previously ignored your communication or demanded money will enthusiastically ask for an opportunity to participate.

Discover: Read Less ^

  • The four key characteristics you need in place to connect with influencers
  • How to design your communication
  • Who to message and how to reach out
  • The importance of designing a consumer path
  • Essential characteristics for effective event design
  • What defines an influencer and how to best target the ones most relevant to you
  • How to develop your influencer program at any budget, and how to evolve it when budgets grow and shrink.

Skip 10 Years of Networking AKA The Science of Networking

The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them. If you want an extraordinary life, simply surround yourself with the most exceptional people in the world, but how does someone access these people? Read More >

Having developed The Influencers Model for Engagement, Levy designed a methodology to connect with the most important and influential people in our culture. To test and prove this model Levy founded of The Influencers and The Influencers Dinner, a private community and dining experience. Twice a month, twelve world-renowned thought leaders and tastemakers across all industries prepare dinner together but are not allowed to discuss their work or even give their last name. Once seated, guests take turns guessing what their fellow participants do professionally, only to discover they are sitting with celebrities, Olympians, executives of major companies, Nobel laureates, musicians, royalty, etc.

In just a few short years Levy went from being unheard of to running the most exclusive private community of influencers, thought leaders, and taste makers in the world. After more than 60 dinners and over 600 guests, The Influencers has received considerable media coverage, including stories on the cover of The New York Times Style Section, Forbes, and Business Insider, among others.

The model levy developed combined with his research and lessons he has learned about will change the way you see yourself, your value, and the way you engage with those around you.

If you want to accelerate your career, social life, be happier, more fulfilled, create a greater impact, and develop meaningful relationships with people who can impact the world prepare for a talk that will inspire you to take action, enlighten you, and will give you the freedom to discover what your potential holds.

The success of Levy’s approach has garnered him respect as one of the greatest supper connectors and networkers in our culture, including being selected by Fast Company as one of fifteen people redefining networking, and countless articles across The New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and Cranes, to name a few. Read Less ^