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Jon  Levy

Jon Levy

Human Behavior Scientist Specializing in Influence, Consumer Behavior, Networking & Adventure


Jon Levy applies cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics, to unlock the secrets of influence and give you indispensable insights into human behavior and decision-making. Audiences from TED to corporate offices have praised him as a transformational business speaker and “masterful communicator” that “takes abstract neuroscience and behavioral science ideas and makes them relatable to our everyday way of working.” Read More >

Levy first gained international attention as the founder of The Influencers, a private community and secret dining experience committed to bringing extraordinary people together. Over more than a decade membership has grown to include thousands of TV and movie stars, Olympians, Nobel Laureates, business leaders, famed artists, and royalty, among others.

Known for rapid fire discussions that unlock creativity, reframe challenges, and generate actionable solutions, Levy is earning stellar reviews from discerning audiences. His deep understanding of the science of connection, trust and community, proven from his development of The Influencers and his trainings for Fortune 500 companies, inspires fresh approaches to employee engagement, marketing, sales, innovation, PR, events, customer relationships, building brand loyalty and virtually any business topic that involves influencing human behavior.

His in-depth study of trust, influence and belonging were the topic of his 2021 New York Times Best Seller You're Invited. In it, he explores the surprising and often counterintuitive way people develop meaningful relationships both in person and virtually. His first book, The 2 AM Principle, explored the science of adventure by utilizing the latest research on peak human performance, neuroscience and psychology to help organizations and teams maximize success.

With an insightful approach informed by asking the right questions, doing his research, and collaborative preparation with clients, Levy delivers presentations that are highly interactive and filled with fascinating content, unforgettable stories and tales from his many adventures. A natural problem solver, he frequently brainstorms with audiences about their individual or organizational challenges — empowering fresh new approaches and actionable takeaways. As one attendee raved, “We all walked away with a new sense of inspiration. We actually began looking at challenges differently.”

In his free time, Jon works on outrageous projects. Among them spending a year traveling to all 7 continents, or to the world's greatest events (Grand Prix, Art Basel, Burning Man, Running of the Bulls, etc.) and barely surviving to tell the tale. Read Less ^

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The Science of Trust: The Hidden Factors that Make or Break Our Relationships

Trust is often said to be the most important factor in a relationship, but what is it made of? And how do you build it quickly or at distance? The truth is, most of what we do to build trusted relationships is harming them. Read More >

Join behavioral scientist Jon Levy as we learn: Read Less ^

  • The surprising technique used by a furniture company that has you care more about the product;
  • Why you should always ask for favors even when you don’t need them;
  • The biggest mistakes we all make that limits how much people trust us;
  • How to develop trust in relationships at a distance as our connections become more virtual.

The Future of the Hybrid Workplace: Making Work Work for Everyone

The sudden shift to the hybrid workplace has brought to life new challenges that no one would have expected. Many employees are burning out, feeling isolated, or seeing opportunities to take roles at new companies, while others never want to return to the office and are loving their newfound family time. Read More >

Navigating the complexities of this situation isn’t easy, but there are some best practices and strategies we should all consider. Read Less ^

  • Learn how to foster a sense of belonging even when spread across the world;
  • Understand the implications of the Allen curve and how to mitigate the impact at distance;
  • Ensure remote team members feel included and are not seen as second-class employees;
  • Discover the critical changes to management style so that employees don’t burn out and instead continue to take pride in the work they do;
  • Explore cultural cues that give employees a sense of belonging and a one-hour intervention that can increase retention by 33%;
  • Increase trust and psychological safety so teams perform better;
  • Apply a counterintuitive technique that will reduce stress, increase team bonding, and group success.

The Influence Equation: How Connection, Trust & Belonging Define our Success

Regardless of what you want to accomplish, from growing your business, creating a great company culture, championing a social cause, or affecting your habits, you can’t do it alone. The people around you define your success (whatever that means for you). Read More >

Unfortunately, according to research, almost everything we do to develop better relationships is either wrong or backwards. Now we can do something about it. Read Less ^

  • Learn why networking doesn’t work to connect, and what you should do instead;
  • Discover how meaningful relationships are created and how they predict human longevity;
  • Develop profound levels of trust with your customers and employees that will accelerate your results;
  • Understand what four characteristics we need for people to feel a sense of belonging and how that will impact company profitability, employee sick days, and stock value.

The Elephant, The Rider & The Path: How to Guide People to the Best Decisions & Experiences

As we all know too well, appealing to people’s logic rarely succeeds, instead appealing to their emotions is far more effective. When done right, this is known as “Designing the Path”, a process built on the latest behavioral science to guide people through a journey that has people feel and understand you, your brand, and your values. Read More >

This approach is at the core of everything from great media, or events, to theme park design and even corporate recruiting. Read Less ^

  • Learn the three-stage design process and why we need to work backwards from out desired results;
  • The surprising behavioral biases that affect our decision-making and how to best apply them to impact how people engage with your brand and value it;
  • The five biggest mistakes people are making throughout the process and how to design a Path that reduces cost, increases engagement, and catalyzes creativity.