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Jon  Youshaei

Jon Youshaei

Product Marketing Manager for Instagram TV (IGTV)


Named a top marketer by Forbes and Entrepreneur and lauded by Inc. Magazine for “cracking the code for going viral,” Jon Youshaei is a YouTube marketing guru, business writer and creator of Every Vowel, a popular workplace cartoon series called “the Dilbert for millennials.” As YouTube’s Head of Creator Product Marketing, Jon worked with the platform’s influencers to help them grow their communities and create viral content that generates millions of views. Today, he works at Instagram as the Product Marketing Manager for their new video platform, IGTV. Known for his unique topics and a strong stage presence, Jon was also ranked by NPR as “one of the best commencement speakers since 1774” (alongside Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Jobs and JFK). Read More >

Few marketers have been so powerfully recognized before even turning 30. Within the course of a year, Wharton grad Youshaei made the list of Inc. Magazine’s “Top 7 Digital Marketers to Keep Your Eye On,” Entrepreneur’s “Top 10 Marketers” and Forbes’ “Top 25 Marketing Influencers to Watch.” All noted both his presence at YouTube and the popularity of Every Vowel, a 400,000+ subscriber website that has become a hub for millennial-targeted workplace humor. Wharton professor and NYT Bestselling author Adam Grant featured Every Vowel cartoons in a TED Talk with more than six million views. Youshaei discovered the power of cartoons during his career at Google when Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt asked a select group of the company’s most creative minds to help market his upcoming book. Youshaei jumped at the chance, developing a marketing strategy and creating a series of cartoons that captured key themes from what become the international bestseller, How Google Works.

A prolific storyteller through videos, cartoons and words, Jon contributes to Forbes, Time and many other magazines. Reflecting his talent for creating irresistible content, three of his Forbes articles reached #1, with two hitting 1.5 million reads. This included the magazine’s top story of 2015. Like his keynotes, Youshaei’s writing often has a strong “how to” angle, providing actionable takeaways to improve both work and life.

From cracking the code on going viral to fostering creativity, innovation and teamwork, Jon Youshaei’s topics and talent engage a range of audiences. As a millennial, he speaks to both peers as well as managers who strive to get the most out of their young workforce. He’s also popular on college campuses, speaking to students on how to best prepare themselves for the real world. His keynotes demystify content creation, illuminate the social media landscape, and empower the audience with career-changing insights. Underscoring each talk with research and memorable examples from the worlds of business and popular culture, he leaves audiences enlightened, entertained and most of all, inspired to put what they’ve learned into action. Read Less ^

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Cracking the Code on Going Viral

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Speech Topics

Cracking the Code of Going Viral: Coming Up with the Next Big Idea

Going viral isn’t an accident. It’s a process—one that Jon Youshaei has mastered as a leading marketer at YouTube, Instagram and writer for Forbes and Time magazine. Lauded by Inc Magazine for “cracking the code on how to go viral”, Youshaei is the force behind many popular videos, articles, cartoons and other content that have set records for shares, views and followers. As Product Marketing Manager for Instagram TV (IGTV), he also collaborates with the platform’s biggest stars to create viral content that’s ahead of the curve and in front of cultural trends. In today’s world of short-attention spans, Youshaei’s keynote provides the blueprint for how to break through and reach millions of people with your message.

Boosting Your Creativity: Surprising Secrets from Shakespeare to Beyoncé

See why this keynote has been one of the most highly-requested talks from many Fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, AT&T, Google, Allstate and more. Youshaei mesmerizes audiences by taking them on a journey through time, explaining how innovators from Shakespeare to Beethoven to Beyoncé rose to prominence. Hint: it’s not what you think. You’ll not only discover a hidden side to these “well-known” stars (especially, Beyoncé), but you’ll learn the secrets to how they stayed relevant and boosted their creativity so you can do the same regardless of your industry, profession or age.

Building Better Teams: What I Learned Living in an Apartment with 28 YouTube Stars

What if we told you that 28 of YouTube's biggest stars live together in the same apartment? Together, they have a combined audience of over 100 million subscribers. It's a secret community where stars are made, ideas are born, and million dollar deals are signed. It’s also a groundbreaking case study in how to build teams, improve culture, and foster collaboration in today’s world. As the former Head of Creator Product Marketing at YouTube, Jon Youshaei has not only studied this secret community of YouTube stars, but he lived with them. He’s learned first-hand what happens when the cameras turn off. In this keynote, Youshaei shares how these influencers work together, create teams and rise to prominence with very few resources. You’ll hear entertaining stories from his time in the apartment and actionable insights that you can apply to boost your culture, creativity, and efficiency.

The Commencement Speech You’ve Never Heard Before—But Should

Graduating from college is like jumping off a plane without a parachute. Nobody teaches you to fly as you fall. Most commencement speakers say the same-old-same-old: “Follow your passion!” “Shoot for the moon!” “The impossible is nothing!” “Just do it!” Their advice could easily pass as brand slogans - and may be just as meaningless when it comes to navigating life after graduation. Jon Youshaei takes a different approach. His entertaining commencement address includes 15 specific and untraditional tips that took him from helpless recent grad to his dream job at YouTube, writing for Forbes and Time magazines and drawing a popular cartoon series with 400,000 readers. Learn what helped him chase his dreams so you can not only survive the real world - but thrive in it.