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Jon  Wolske

Jon Wolske

Culture Evangelist

Jon Wolske

Culture Evangelist


Jon is a passionate purveyor of purpose and perspective. He loves inspiring change. The future of your business can be AMAZING and Wolske want to help you with that. Jon spent years representing Zappos.com as a speaker and helping people change the way we work. Many organizations think they've got culture figured out. Just as many are missing the mark. Jon believe that you have what it takes to be a change-leader in your industry! Jon is currently writing his first book, CYA: Changing Your Approach, to look at 5 areas that work together to make lasting change in an organization.

Customer service has been part of Jon's work life since his first job. Learning about organizational culture first-hand and gaining an understanding of how it shapes your brand came from a 'happy accident' when Jon took a job at Zappos.com. Not only did Jon get to travel and speak, he got to see real change happen all around him! Finding his calling as a public speaker with a heart for driving real change by engaging audiences was icing on the cake! From Henderson to Helsinki, Jacksonville to Japan, Jon has spoken to groups ranging from worldwide non-profits to West-Coast startups and everything in between.

You can find people who are willing to speak and share their insights at your event, or you can find speakers who are passionate about changing the way the world thinks of work. Only one will have lasting impact on your attendees or your company. Jon has found his calling as a 'voice of reason' and hopes that one day the world will be a better place because great companies and managers were inspired to make positive change.

Speaker Videos

TEDTalk: Being Intentional About Your Culture

Zappos Interview with Chief Culture Officer John Wolske

Speech Topics

Changing Your Approach

Focusing on 5 key areas that organizations need to intentionally put energy into to make lasting change a reality. Taken individually, each area can have a positive impact on your company or team, but if you only focus on one of these, you may find yourself back in the same place wondering why real change seems so unattainable. Jon will discuss what Purpose, Culture, Motivation/Engagement, Process and Happiness can do FOR your organization if you are intentional about each.

Culture & Branding... What's Your Story?

Using the case-study as an example this talk goes through the steps Zappos took to becoming a world-class customer service company that is internationally known for its intense focus on culture. Think you know what organizational culture is all about? This talk will help you get to the heart of what makes your brand tick, and inspire change in the way you think about managing, working and business as it should be. The future of work is going to be amazing, don't you want to help lead the way?!