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Keith  Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi

CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight & Best-Selling Author


As founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Keith Ferrazzi has spent over a decade addressing the behaviors that block global organizations from reaching strategic goals and transforming them into new habits that increase shareholder value. More recently, in partnership with Zappos’ Tony Hsieh and Groupon’s Brad Keywell, Keith launched Yoi, a digital onboarding tool that drives transparency, improved coaching, and real-time feedback between busy managers and their new hires. The platform utilizes practice-based learning and quantitative assessments to deliver increased productivity in the workplace. Read More >

Keith is the author of the bestsellers Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone. His writing has also been published in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., and Fast Company. Read Less ^

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It's All About Relationships

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Deepening Your Most Important Relationships

Change Management

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Speech Topics

The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge will shock you with the revelation that transformation success remains stuck at 30 percent today and will inspire you with how to fix it. Keith brings to life Ferrazzi Greenlight's long established practices around changing organizational behavior. He describes how coaching to increase trust and collaboration has improved the effectiveness. Read More >

Keith will share the secret: Changing an organization's misbehavior to a new "trusted advisor" approach.

Each Challenge Talk is unique to its audience. An FG consultant conducts a dozen or more interviews with senior managers to identify the highest return behavior changes among what key constituencies will help achieve their strategic objectives. These "old way" behaviors are prescribed with "new way" behaviors and audience members begin their own transformation immediately. These changes are supported by ongoing coaching and feedback so measurable results can be identified from the moment Keith leaves the stage.

Ideal Audience: Top leaders of an organization embarking on transformational change.

Key Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • Identify the behaviors that need to change within the organization
  • Identify what “blockers” are hindering the “new way”
  • Identify the enablers to make your “new way” a reality

Supercharging Networking & Creating Community

This unique 4-part offering delivers a comprehensive system for building meaningful collaborative relationships. Read More >

This ensures a powerful, successful future for your community: Read Less ^

  1. Preparation: Keith walks the community through preparation using social media and rich content to build excitement for the event.
  2. Permission: Keith’s inspired live event creates a safe environment where participants are given permission to let their guards down and be human – the key to increased connection.
  3. Practice: Participants initiate peer-coaching relationships - creating new connections and increasing collaboration within the organization.
  4. Permanence: Lifeline Groups create structured sustainability – group members make specific commitments to support everyone’s success. This formalized accountability and support continue long after the event has ended.

Relationship Success Through Diversity

Keith shared the keys to accelerating intimacy so that colleagues display trust and candor across all levels leading to better business outcomes. He will discuss the keys to sustaining a commitment to excellence and growth over time. Read More >

Ideal Audience: ALL organizations that want to harness the potential of a diverse workforce

Key Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • Team base format for refining goals and strategic plans
  • Tools to identify and overcome career-crippling bad habits
  • A group commitment to work to succeed together

Relationship Development for Growth & Success

Keith shares his secrets to productivity through developing relationships. His techniques will instantly set prospects at ease and differentiate your organization from your competition. Keith will discuss ways to increase customer loyalty, shorten sales cycles, increase C-Level sales effectiveness, and develop a more robust referral pipeline. Read More >

Ideal Audience:

  • Revenue producing organizations
  • C-Level retail, sales organizations
  • Sales conferences
  • Management conferences

Key Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • A new accountability strategy that will enhance performance and commitment
  • A new awareness for building relationships critical to your organization’s success
  • How to be of service to your team, clients and organization

The Future of Work

To succeed you need to connect many complementary behaviors and expertise to form a whole that is greater than its parts. Keith speaks straight to how to build these super teams that will drive exponential growth for your organization. Read More >

Keith’s depth of knowledge and charismatic style will turn your meeting into an event – inspiring your team to GO HIGHER TOGETHER.

Key Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • Invigorated workforce that is “punching above its weight class”
  • Greater accountability to one another so the whole team succeeds together
  • Deeper collaboration across departments and disciplines
  • A jump start to changing your organization’s culture to one of exponential growth