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Kelly  Corrigan

Kelly Corrigan

Best-Selling Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, Host of the PBS series Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan


A gifted storyteller and talented interviewer, Kelly Corrigan has touched hearts and captured audiences as the author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including Tell Me More, Glitter and Glue, and The Middle Place, her poignant personal story of battling breast cancer while caring for her father who was also undergoing cancer treatment. Her upcoming book, Hello World, a children’s book written for all ages, reminds us that the journeys we take are all about the people we meet along the way — an inspirational message for commencements and convocations. Corrigan is also the host of the PBS and PBS News Hour series, Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan, an intimate, heartfelt interview series where notable guests such as Jennifer Garner, James Corden and Bryan Stevenson reveal the experiences we all have in common, and how we can use those experiences to make a difference. These insightful conversations educate and entertain as guests reflect on their lives and the impact they have on their worlds. Read More >

Corrigan has been called “the Poet Laureate of the ordinary” by the Huffington Post, “the voice of a generation” by O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine and lauded by everyone from Lena Dunham to Imbolo Mbue. She strikes an unusual balance on stage between David Sedaris-funny and Brené Brown-authentic. As a speaker, she is known for customizing presentations and making audience members feel as though she is speaking directly to them. One event organizer said, “She had the whole auditorium laughing and crying — more of the former than the latter. She brings humor and grace to the tragic and the ordinary — a talent few people possess.” By connecting through the universal bonds of family, friendships and life journeys, Kelly inspires others and empowers them to  overcome and make the best of any situation or challenge.

Corrigan is also the host of weekly podcast, Kelly Corrigan Wonders, “a place for people who like to laugh while they think.” Aimed at helping us think more, feel more, do more and be better, Corrigan and her guests approach one pivotal question per month, sticking with it to figure it out together. She is also an accomplished columnist, appearing in O Magazine, Glamour and Good Housekeeping, and a dedicated volunteer and activist for healthcare and its specific impact on low-income children.

Constantly noted as one of the best storytellers around, Corrigan connects audiences in a very intimate and empowering way. Described as touching, heartwarming and empathetic, Corrigan is just as likely to be called cool, funny, smart and irresistibly authentic. Her inspirational words elevate the experiences of everyday life and uplift our darkest moments with humor, humanity and unforgettable eloquence. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Understanding Caregiving

“Caregiving” is a heavy term that tugs on us emotionally, yet is so misunderstood by so many. At some time in our lives, we will all be impacted by the illness or aging of someone close to us. Kelly Corrigan has experienced caregiving in an intensely personal way and uses the lessons she learned to provide healthcare professionals and family members alike with specific strategies for effective and meaningful caretaking. Through poignant stories of her own fight with Stage III cancer, her father’s three bouts of cancer, and her daughter’s meningitis, Corrigan discusses common caregiving issues and provides strategies honed from experience. She addresses such issues as how to work with various family members in coordinating care and managing finances, insurance coverage, and long-term care, as well as how to balance your own life while managing the care of another. Corrigan’s strong belief is that crisis can bring our most important relationships into focus and allow us to live up to our promises to each other. Although she has made every mistake a caretaker can, today she is a wiser and better caregiver because of those periods of crisis.

Glitter & Glue: The Family Ties that Bind Us Together

Kelly Corrigan’s mother often describes their family as: “Your father’s the glitter, but I’m the glue.” In this presentation based on her new memoir Glitter and Glue, Corrigan examines why we choose the people we admire and how that changes over time. She takes a look at the bond between mothers and daughters – sometimes nourishing, sometimes exasperating, occasionally divine, but always loving. In this heartfelt speech, she will strip away the complexities and emotionally connect who we are, men and women alike, with who our parents are and how this history continues to shape us. One of the best storytellers you will hear in your lifetime, Corrigan will take your audience on a moving and humorous journey on finding role models through personal growth.

The Power of Giving Back: Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Kelly Corrigan spends a good part of every week volunteering and has found that the buzz that comes from solving complex problems and being useful is her most reliable source of energy and self esteem. She has learned, through many years of trial and error in nonprofits, how to give in ways that are meaningful and satisfying. This talk on civic involvement includes her guide for finding important work, the value of participation, and the rewards of deep community involvement that leverages each of our talents and gifts. Her passionate belief in philanthropy and volunteerism in closely tied to her clear sense of what creates happiness.

Breast Cancer: Surviving, Thriving, Inspiring

Kelly Corrigan was happily enjoying the phase of when childhood and parenthood overlapped, “the middle place,” until she discovered that she had breast cancer. Then, almost simultaneously, her father was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. In this keynote, Corrigan shares her inspiring coming-of-age story, and illustrates the importance of love, family and growth. Corrigan also discusses her experiences with battling cancer, from undergoing her own treatments, while ensuring that her father received proper care. Her message is one that we can all find relatable; the power of a support system in times of need.

Hello World: Inspiration for Graduations, Convocations & Beyond

It’s not all the places that you go in your life, but the people you meet along the way that matter most. Drawing from her latest book, Hello World, Kelly Corrigan celebrates the meaningful human connections that make us smarter, stronger, and more amazing than we ever thought possible. The best way to accomplish this? Ask each other questions. With her trademark inspirational wisdom, irresistible storytelling and talent for uplifting audiences, Corrigan delivers one of the most memorable commencement or convocation speeches you’ll experience –perfect for anyone about to embark on a new adventure.

Tell Me More: Inspirational Lessons for Women

Once described as “the sister/mother/best friend we all wish we could have,” Kelly Corrigan is the ideal inspirational speaker for women’s groups. In this unforgettable keynote, she draws from her New York Times bestseller, Tell Me More to examine the words and phrases that make love and connection possible. Sharing moving, meaningful, and frequently, humorous stories along the way, Kelly explores subjects ranging from life with a preoccupied husband and two mercurial teenage daughters to profound observations on love and loss. Known for connecting with audiences in a very intimate and empowering way, she helps women to find the right words at the right moment to change everything.