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Kevin D. Richardson

Kevin D. Richardson

Member of the Exonerated 5


Kevin Richardson is 1/5th of the Exonerated Five (also known as the Central Park Five). Kevin and his other four brothers were given the name of the Central Park Five, after a jogger was brutally raped and found in the park left for dead. They were tried and convicted of crimes they did not commit. In 2002, the case was overturnedSince then, they have strived to restore their lives back together.    Read More >

As a teen, Mr. Richardson dreamed of attending Syracuse University, however, he was robbed of the opportunity to attend college. One of Mr. Richardson’s proudest moments was in 2020, when Syracuse University named a scholarship in his honor. The “Our Time Has Come” - Kevin Richardson Scholarship Fund helps young adults who don't have the financial means to complete college, fulfill their dreams and prosper in life.  Kevin is extremely excited about this scholarship because he sees himself in these young adults. Providing a pathway for them is a great way to start making changes in this world.  


In 2021, Kevin was presented with an Honorary Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (he loved playing the trumpet as a youth) from Syracuse University, becoming the first ever in the school's 150 years to be honored in this way. 


Kevin is a motivational speaker, traveling the country to bring awareness to the imbalances that exists in the justice system. He also collaborates with the Innocence Project (a non-profit organization), highlighting the historical biases that continue to impact people of color when dealing with the judicial system. In collaboration with the Innocence Project, Kevin and his brothers helped pass the law to have interrogations of minors be video recorded from the beginning to the end to avoid coercion and manipulation of facts.  


Kevin now lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters ages 13 and 3. He wants to lay down the foundation for them to carry on with the family's name and his legacy. The power of his voice and story as witnessed in " WHEN THEY SEE US ", fueled Kevin’s passion to use his platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change in the judicial system. Kevin finds his work therapeutic and through his appearances continues to reach people globally. He is optimistic that his work and that of others will someday create a society were justice for ALL is realized.  Read Less ^

Speech Topics

When They See Us: The Story of the Central Park Five

In 1989, 14-year-old Kevin D. Richardson was arrested and charged for the attack and assault on jogger Trisha Ellen Meili. Despite no DNA and little other evidence connecting him to the attack, Richardson was sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison, of which he served five and a half years. In 2002, the convictions were overturned. As depicted in Netflix’s When They See Us, the infamous case of the Central Park Five highlights the injustices of the United States’ criminal justice system. Motivated by his own wrongful conviction, Kevin D. Richardson is an advocate for reform and is a partner of the Innocence Project, helping to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted by harnessing the power of DNA testing. In this extremely personal and powerful keynote, Kevin Richardson shares his experience as a member of the Central Park Five. His accounts demonstrate the need for criminal justice reform and moves audiences to enact change.