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Kevin  Sanders

Kevin Sanders

Dean of the Baylor School of Music & Arts Leader

Kevin Sanders

Dean of the Baylor School of Music & Arts Leader


From growing up in a small town in Arkansas, graduating from the Juilliard School, performing as a professional tubist on five continents, working with Olympic-caliber artists and ensembles, to leading a school of music with 400+ students, Dr. Kevin Sanders knows how music can teach us to live up to our potential, find resilience in the face of fear or change, and lift up those around us.

Kevin has worked in higher education for two decades and is also an executive coach and President of Cornerstone Group, a boutique firm that supports leadership development in higher education and non-profits. He works extensively with groups and individuals on team building, diversifying the workplace, strategic planning, changing culture, managing conflict, work politics, and the significance of support networks and development opportunities for people at every level. He holds certifications in Design Thinking, Diversity and Inclusion, in addition to continuing education from Harvard University.

Speech Topics

Finding Center Stage: How Musicians Teach Us to Embrace Change, Imperfections, & Become Better Team Players

Professional musicians are regarded as individuals possessing extraordinary gifts who stand fearlessly on stage while sharing their talents and captivating audiences numbering in the thousands. 

Musicians make this look natural, but becoming fearless, nurturing your unique gifts, and elevating your team’s performance can be learned by anyone.  

Your audience will step into the enchanting world of music in this engaging and creative presentation to discover stories about what our favorite artists can teach us about our day-to-day challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manage change like an artist. Learn how the art of improvisation can turn life’s curveballs into unforgettable moments.
  • Find your voice. Life isn’t about hitting all of the right notes. Transform your quirks and imperfections into a signature tune that can be shared with anyone.
  • Become a virtuoso team. Every member counts in a musical ensemble and success relies on seamless communication, trust, and synchronized efforts. It's a lesson in listening to others while contributing your unique melody, recognizing that together, and creating harmonies that resonate far beyond what we could achieve alone.

Leaders Need the Arts

There’s a reason why many of the world’s largest companies use the arts to train their leaders.

The saying goes, “Hard skills get you the job, but soft skills get you promoted.”

With 80% of employers saying soft skills are missing from today’s workforce, the arts help us develop some of the most critical tools leaders need: problem-solving, team building, interpersonal and communication skills, flexibility, and attention to detail.

Kevin’s background as a professional musician and a seasoned leader, offers invaluable insights on harnessing your artistic sensibilities to inspire, innovate, and lead with excellence in any arena.