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Kim  Wayans

Kim Wayans

Actress, Writer, Producer & Director

Kim Wayans

Actress, Writer, Producer & Director


Kim Wayans is best known to television audiences for her work on the groundbreaking sketch-comedy show In Living Color, where she created iconic characters: Benita Butrell, a loveable neighborhood gossip, Lil Magic, a talent-less child determined to succeed in show business, and Reesie Mayweather, half of the dynamic duo of over-the-top soul singers, amongst many others. Following that, she co-starred in the NBC series In The House opposite L.L. Cool J, playing Tonia, a wacky Physical Therapist head over heels for him. She later added producing, writing and directing to her resume working on the hit ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids.

In 2007, Wayans took to the stage and wowed audiences and critics alike with her autobiographical one-woman show, A Handsome Woman Retreats, which centered around trying to find the cause and cure for her anxiety and panic attacks. Determined not to be put in a box as just a comedian, in 2012 she garnered rave reviews for her dramatic film debut starring in the critical acclaimed feature Pariah (Focus Films) directed by the Oscar nominated Dee Rees. Pariah has since been inducted into the Criterion Collection. Next she co-starred on the CBS series Reckless, playing Vi Briggs, a colorful Paralegal. In 2015, Kim returned to the stage, this time starring in Tony Award nominee Robert O'Hara's critically acclaimed play "Barbecue" at the Public Theatre, where she originated the role of Lillianne, the Matriarch of a severely dysfunctional family.

Kim has guest-starred in numerous tv series including: Criminal Minds, The Wayans Brothers, Boomerang, Hit The Floor, and Marlon. In addition, she's played a host of memorable characters in features such as: "Low Down Dirty Shame," "Don't Be A Menace To South Central," "I'Mo Git You Sucka," "Dance Flick," and "Juwanna Mann," amongst others.  Most recently she was featured in Alan Rudolph's film "Ray Meets Helen."

Wayans is also the co-author of the children's book series Amy Hodgepodge, which chronicles the adventures of a fourth grader starting over in a new city and school. In 2019 Kim once again delighted audiences playing God in "An Act of God" at the Bristol Riverside Theater in Pennslyvania. In 2020 Kim turned her attention back to directing and has worked on the CBS show The Neighborhood starring Cedric The Entertainer and Tichina Arnold, along with several Disney shows.

Currently, Kim is writing a novella based on A Handsome Woman Retreats, and has just completed writing her second one-woman show, Dancing In A Narrow Hoop Skirt, which is a love letter to Black women that she hopes to have produced in the very near future.

Kim is a passionate advocate for Children's Literacy and has visited schools and libraries across the country promoting that cause. Her favorite charity to support is The Hudson Guild, a multi-service community agency serving those who live, work or go to school in Chelsea and the westside, with a focus on those in need.

Speech Topics

Don't Box Me In: An Evening With Kim Wayans

In this intimate evening, Kim shares the highs and lows of her 30 year career in the Industry, and enlightens the audience on how she avoided the "box" Hollywood kept trying to put her in by pivoting behind the scenes and developing herself as a director, writer, producer, playwright and children's book author.  She turned an initial heartache into a golden opportunity to blossom into a multi-dimensional Artist.

Curse Of The Spicy Tuna Roll: My Journey With Heavy Metal Poisoning

After being stricken with a set of weird and debilitating neurological symptoms that had a host of doctors baffled and Kim sidelined from life, she was eventually diagnosed with Heavy metal poisoning. In this personal talk she shares how she set out on a journey of natural cleansing and healing that ultimately restored her health and inspired a new healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Meditation: The Key To A Calm & Happy Life

Kim shares her journey of overcoming crippling Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Yoga and a Meditation practice that transformed her life and the way she sees and lives in the world.

Health & Wellness