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Maureen  Healy

Maureen Healy

Best-Selling Author & Expert on Emotional Learning


Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, educator and expert on emotional learning. Her book, Growing Happy Kids, won the 2014 Nautilus and Reader’s Favorite Book Awards. Maureen also writes a popular blog on Psychology Today, and has contributed across all media outlets such as PBS, Scholastic and Martha Stewart Living. In 2018, Maureen’s new book is released: The Emotionally Healthy Child, which gives parents and educators a fresh perspective and real-life tools to help today’s children. Read More >

Unique about Maureen is that she has lived her work from the inside out. She’s taught kindergarten to Tibetan refugee children in Northern India to coaching students in Northern California. Her commitment to help our youth learn how to create an emotionally healthy mindset has been happening for years, which is complimented by her in-depth counseling background. Maureen actively coaches parents, teachers and professionals worldwide on how to nurture positive emotional health. 

A noted expert on social and emotional learning, as well as children’s happiness, Maureen created a curriculum, Seeds of Happiness, which is taught in select K-5 elementary schools. Elements from this program are in her new book: The Emotionally Healthy Child. New York Times best-selling author, Sharon Salzberg said, “Maureen offers wise and practical strategies for adults who hope to guide children toward a lifetime of confidence and true happiness.”  

Maureen has spoken at many national and international conferences including being a co-founder of “World Happiness Summit,” which happens yearly in March. She consistently receives high praise such as “enlightening, practical and immediately helpful” which brings a smile to Maureen’s face. Her goal has been to not only share life-changing ideas, but provide practical strategies that help today whether you’re running a home, classroom or entire school system. Read Less ^

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How to Raise Happier Children

Speech Topics

The Emotionally Healthy Child

The road to positive emotional health has bumps and challenges. Of course, the goal isn’t to let a challenge “beat you” but learn how to transform challenges into something better. In this program Maureen shares how to use any experience as fodder for your children’s positive emotional health (and yours too!). She shares the essential ideas, and tools to keep pointing you in the “right direction” even on the most challenging of days. Read More >

Participants’ walkway with a clear understanding of what emotional health is and isn’t, as well as the tools to raise and role model positive emotional health. Maureen tackles the real-life challenges of raising children today including: Bullying, School Shooting (and other disasters), and Technology Addiction. Read Less ^

Social & Emotional Tools (Classroom or Home)

Learning how to perceive children’s emotional development and provide them real-life strategies to help them develop emotional control is essential to their current, as well as future success. Maureen shares the path of emotionally healthy children, which includes developing self-awareness (at home and classroom) as well as developing healthy relationships. Read More >

Unique about Maureen’s program is her real-life and relatable stories about today’s children, practical tools that any adult can use to make progress, and understanding of how emotional growth happens. She is also dedicated to answer as many audience questions as possible, and connect with participants so that her information can be utilized immediately. Read Less ^

Mindfulness in Children

Everything we do as parents, professionals and educators is about helping children make smart choices, especially when they’re emotionally overwhelmed or challenged. The world is challenging from seeing the news of natural disasters, school shootings to being bullied on your very own playground. Learning how to implement Maureen’s 3 Steps to Emotional Success, can help children move from negative reactions to careful and emotionally aware responses. Read More >

Understanding the power of mindfulness, the tools of emotional growth, and ultimately how to help children make smarter choices is what this talk focuses upon. Maureen can tailor the talk to choices in the classroom or school setting or choices at home, as examples. Read Less ^

Growing Happy Kids

Drawing on her research and real-life global experiences, Maureen shares the how of children’s happiness. She explains what educators, parents and children can do to create happier life experiences on a daily basis, as well as for the long-term. Maureen’s engaging talk not only shares wise ideas, but practical tools, which have been scientifically supported and actively practiced for real-life results. Maureen’s book, Growing Happy Kids, won multiple awards for her new framework on helping children become stronger and happier.