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Maureen  Healy

Maureen Healy

Educator & Best-Selling Author of The Emotionally Healthy Child


Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, sought-after speaker, and leader in the world of children’s elementary school education. Tal Ben-Shahar said, “Maureen has provided an important antidote to the difficult times that so many of our kids are going through these days” while describing Maureen’s new book: The Happiness Workbook for Kids (PESI, 2022). Prior books include: The Emotionally Healthy Child (New World Library, 2018) with a preface from the Dalai Lama, and Growing Happy Kids (HCI Books, 2012), along with a popular blog on Psychology Today’s website. Read More >

Unique to Maureen her ability to integrate western science and the wisdom traditions in a secular (non-religious) way to help any adult, or child become healthier, as well as happier. Her work has been seen across all media platforms including The New York Times, Fortune, PBS, Scholastic magazine, and AOL’s streaming services, as well as NBC, ABC, and the CW. Her ability to distill complex ideas into simple, proven strategies to create more harmony and emotional health at home, as well as the classroom has been noticed. The Dalai Lama said, “I hope Maureen’s book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, can contribute to more wholesome education for future generations.”

With two decades of experience, Maureen has helped 1000s of parents and children in her office, and classroom. She’s taught from kindergarten to the college level, volunteered in Asia and even lived at the Base of the Himalayas in 2007. Her traditional educational credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and a PhD program in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. Maureen has also studied with scholars and scientists globally on the science of happiness, which has bolstered her joy immensely.

Invite Maureen to your school, organization, or conference to discuss how to nurture resilience in today’s children, as well as how to help them become strong and smart on the path to positive emotional health even in the toughest of times (Virtual or in-person). Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Dealing with Anger

The Emotionally Healthy Child

Emotional Development

How to Raise Happier Children

Raising an Emotionally Healthy Children

Speech Topics

Strengthening Student Resilience: Cultivating Resilience in the Classroom

Every teacher wants to nurture resilience in their students. Maureen shares the science of childhood resilience, gives an overview of her resilience studies curriculum for elementary students, and explains what is essential to nurturing resilience in the classroom looks like. Read More >

Audience member takeaways include: Read Less ^

  • Participants learn the 3 science-based requirements of childhood resilience, which are foundational for students and children.
  • Ideas and activities to use in the classroom (or home) to foster childhood resilience.
  • Proven methods on how to create, maintain, and repair resilience in childhood.
  • A deeper understanding of how resilience is the foundation for children’s positive emotional health and positive student outcomes.

Science of Happier Students: Helping today’s Students Become Happier

Maureen has spoken across the globe about how to foster happier thoughts, actions, and experiences in childhood. In The Happiness Workbook for Kids, she walks students through the ideas and activities they need to learn to understand their emotions, reframe challenges, bounce back from upsets, and move toward happier life experiences. Read More >

Participant takeaways include: Read Less ^

  • Understanding the science of childhood happiness in a clear, and succinct way that provides you with clear strategies to implement today (at home or classroom).
  • Activity Sheets to utilize in your elementary school classroom to foster student social and emotional learning.
  • Best practices from today’s post pandemic classroom that have helped students feel less stressed, less anxious, more supported, and connected. Participants will be given a “one sheet” summary to help them implement in their classroom.

The Emotionally Healthy Child

Every adult wants to raise, and nurture healthy children. The challenge oftentimes come with the question: What do I do? Maureen shares the science and real-life strategies of nurturing positive emotional health in today’s elementary and middle school aged children. Read More >

Audience member takeaways include: Read Less ^

  • Learn the 7 essential ideas of how emotions work, which children must know to begin making better choices (even with tricky emotions!).
  • Ideas and science-based activities to help children express their emotions more constructively in the classroom (or at home).
  • Insight into the child who struggles with: anger, anxiety, perfectionism, outbursts at home (not school) and making (or keeping) friends.
  • A deeper understanding of what emotional health and balance looks like in children, as well as how to nurture it in oneself—and do it with more self-compassion, clarity, and confidence.