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Lance  Allred

Lance Allred

First Legally Deaf Player in NBA History & Best-Selling Author


Legally deaf, at 80% hearing loss, from RH complications at birth, Lance Allred was born and raised in a polygamist commune rural Montana before his family left at the age 13. Unable to play basketball with his hearing aids in and standing at 6’11, Lance is more than a basketball player as he didn’t begin playing until he was in 8th grade as a way of adjusting to his new life outside of his childhood upbringing. Read More >

As an international Inspirational speaker, Lance’s story of being an underdog is for anyone who has ever felt a dream was just out of reach, as he travels the world sharing his “5 Principles of Perseverance” and journey of becoming the first deaf player in NBA History --- at the age of 27, seven years longer than the average NBA rookie.

Authoring 4 books, with his first one LONGSHOT, published by HarperCollins in 2009, Lane is also the TEDx Star of “What is Your Polygamy?” which currently has over 4.5 million views. He is the first outside speaker the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has ever brought it for group training and consultation on leadership development, as well as having spoken to corporations such as Costco, Keybank, Coldwell Banker, CocaCola, and many others.

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TEDTalk: What is Your Polygamy?

Speaking Reel

The Power of Failure


On Bullying


Leadership. Perseverance. Grit.

What It Means To Be a True Leader

Lions and Leaders

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Lions & Leader

Lance's smash hit keynote, in which he will take you along his path of life, through trauma and challenges since near death at birth within a polygamist commune, to hearing impairment, to limitations constantly placed on him, to battling OCD, adversity and resistance on his path of basketball towards becoming the first deaf player in the NBA. When you hear his story, you will understand how among his peers in the basketball world, Lance became knows as "The Lion." Read More >

Few have more credibility than Lance when it comes to talking about Leadership, as he combines his childhood experiences within an extremist religion and his decade long professional career in basketball across the globe, where he was a team captain on the majority of his teams in various and vastly different cultures, using hilarious and horrifying anecdotes to explain common misconceptions of leadership and how to truly achieve it through his "7 Marks of a Leader."

Lance will give you a fresh perspective and applicable tools on the concept of leadership, allowing you to alleviate the frustrations that arise within teams due to worn out and archaic notions. You will leave his keynote more equipped than ever to be the leader you are destined to be, and furthermore able to get the most out of your team.

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Limitless Goals

Every goal Lance Allred has written down in his life has come true. He will show you how, in an interactive session, where he challenges everyone, even some on the spot to step up and take ownership and accountability for their dreams: the ones that came true and the even the ones that didn't. You will be empowered and inspired.

Lethal Team

The concept of Team, implies sacrifice, but Lance saw at an early age, within a socialist utopian society, why the altruistic idea of team has very little chance of ever being truly achieved. He learned how to apply that early experience and use it in his basketball career, to find a true successful win-win environment within his teams across the globe. Read More >

Divulging his "5 Truths of a Team," Lance will share his experiences and bring new ways of thinking and ideas to help you and your teams/businesses find the most successful balance. Read Less ^

Leg Up

This presentation is specifically targeted to high school student-athletes, their parents, coaches and athletic directors. For the college bound athlete, the future looks bright and their path paved with promise. Yet, there are many aspects to that collegiate and professional dream that many players, parents and coaches are just not aware of. Read More >

With a world of experience through the political and business side of sports, both collegiately and professionally, Lance will take your student-athlete through the pitfalls and angles to which they need to enter with eyes wide open, for dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. Highly informative, honest and blunt, yet inspiring, Lance will give you the wisdom and knowledge that he wishes he would have been informed with in his teenage years. All athletes, those with the intention to play collegiately or not, and their parents, are strongly encouraged to attend this invaluable session. Read Less ^

Little Giant

For Youth/Young Adults Due to his size and hearing loss, Lance was a Giant target of intense bullying throughout his childhood to such extremes that he frequently struggled with crippling depression. He has shared his story and impacted hundreds of kids throughout his home state of Utah, letting them know how to overcome and rise above such adversity, and to importantly proactively combat it. Read More >

As well he shares how he finally wrote down a list of goals, and every one of them came true. He will tell the youth of your audience, just how they became so. And, how they can do it too. Read Less ^