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Lynn  Price

Lynn Price

Social Entrepreneur & Change Maker


When Lynn Price was age eight, she found out that she was a foster child and had a sister in foster care with another family on the other side of town. The impact of that startling news and the trauma of a disconnected sibling relationship continues to motivate Lynn in her life’s work as a social entrepreneur, coach and speaker featured on the front page of Denver Woman magazine and the National Speakers Association magazine. As a former youth in foster care, she set her sights on learning the system from which she came serving along the way as a CASA, shelter volunteer, foster parent, adoptive parent and founder of Camp To Belong. Celebrating over 20 years, CTB has reunited over 10,000 brothers and sisters who live in separate foster, adoptive or relative homes. Her accolades speak for themselves including The Presidents Service Award from President Clinton, Oprah’s Angel Network Use Your Life Award from Oprah Winfrey, University of Illinois Alumni Humanitarian Award and Redbook Magazine Mothers and Shakers Award. Read More >

As an Ashoka Fellow, she is one of only a several hundred in the US recognized as a global social entrepreneur who tackles society’s greatest challenges with system changing solutions. She also works in the business entrepreneurial world with a history in cable television, telecommunications and entertainment. With over a dozen years in new and emerging Corporate entities, founding a for-profit business which she sold, and over 20 years in Non-Profit entities, her wisdom on driving entrepreneurs from vision to execution is meaningful and motivating.

Today, Lynn guides individuals and groups as a Thinking and Accountability Partner. With a passion to encourage people to do what counts for them and their all-encompassing worlds, she is the catalyst to think and take action differently. She helps clients identify who they are, clarify what they want out of life and align what they need to do to get there. With experience in corporate and non-profit leadership, Lynn brings unique insight to strategically plan and effectively implement steps committed to a fulfilling personal and professional life. As an inspirational speaker and personal coach, she helps people create change through impactful stories and conversations focusing on how clients define their wealth – making a living, leaving a legacy and making their “IT” happen.

Lynn is the author of Vision For A Change: A Social Entrepreneur's Insights From the Heart and Real Belonging: Give Siblings Their Right to Reunite. She keynotes, delivers workshops and works one-on-one and is also a contributor to many books and columns including The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator by Ken Banks with a forward by Archibishop Desmond Tutu. Lynn is co-founder of Just the F.A.C.T.S.; Fostering Action Challenging the System in Denver, a Betsy Magness Leadership Institute Fellow with Women in Cable and Telecommunications, on the advisory board of SOAR! Youth and Adult Choir to mentor youth who are disadvantaged through music. Prior to founding Camp To Belong, Lynn was a marketing and communications professional, helping launch the ESPN cable network and playing a key role in expanding cable programming for Group W Westinghouse Satellite Communications and The Golf Channel.

Recently, she attended the 2017 gathering for AARP Prize Winners and Fellows. Every year, AARP celebrates adults who use their life experience to make a difference in the world. She was recognized as a fellow for her work with Camp to Belong, specifically for representing youth in care and for her passion to make a difference in the world of foster care.  Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Because…Be a Cause!

What are the business legacy goals that you put on hold, defend the tardiness, excuse the lack of completion, perpetually move down on your list, figure ‘no’ would be the best course of action because the time is just not right? Lynn tears down the walls of hesitation to make your non-profit and social entrepreneurial vision clearer and more attainable with this keynote presentation. She examines the reluctant board, impact expectations and how to tap into hidden resources to begin to shift the thinking of the audience to open to the possibilities of creating legacy and social entrepreneurial goals of an organization.

A Vision for Change

In conjunction with her book “A Vision for Change”, Lynn Price reveals the formulas to plant proverbial seeds and grow forests, incorporating small action steps to large visionary landscapes. Her laser sharp focus regarding ideas, originality, inner entrepreneurial skills, ethical fiber and impact introduces powerful and compelling leadership lessons for taking action and making a difference in our world via corporate and non-profit ventures.

The Power of the Ripple

Lynn engages entrepreneurial leaders who want to clarify their vision for a change and inspire renewed passion and dedication among their family, friends and colleagues. With storytelling and real life tools for forging ahead with innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial skills, impact and ethical fiber, she helps tackle individual and society’s greatest challenges with system changing solutions. One step, through replication, through transition. The Power of the Ripple ignites those who believe in social responsibility and their role to heal, transform and transcend a positive difference in the world.

You Don’t Know Now What They Will Say Then

Everyone is busy. Plates overflowing. Overworked. Underpaid. Going through the motions. Questioning the Purpose. Lynn turns overwhelm into the realization that our states of busy include unknowingly or strategically setting defining moments of impact forever. She touches each audience member with a phrase, story or image to truly understand, accept and embrace their purpose in mentoring and modeling for other people in their lives. Lynn passionately discerns the good in each leadership role within individual, family – personal, professional roles to recognize that the purpose may not even be recognized or acknowledged until later in life. Audience members feel celebrated and leave rejuvenated with purpose. Special focus for non-profit leaders, human service care providing teams, entrepreneurial founders and corporate executive sectors.