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Maggie Chan Jones

Maggie Chan Jones

Forbes 15th Most Influential CMO in the World, Entrepreneur, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate


Named one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes, Maggie Chan Jones is widely recognized as an industry thought leader in marketing and technology. Her accolades include being named Woman of the Year, one of the a Top Ten CMOs on Twitter, Top Ten Most Interesting B2B Executives, Top Woman in Brand Marketing and one of the Top 20 Women in Marketing. A dynamic and energizing presenter, Chan Jones speaks on subjects ranging from cutting edge marketing trends to authentic leadership, gender diversity and teambuilding. Read More >

Chan Jones broke new ground as the first woman to be appointed Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, the market’s top enterprise application software provider. There, she led global advertising and brand experience campaigns, sponsorships, digital marketing and strategic events, resulting in a transformation of the SAP brand, which was named by BrandZ as one of the top 21 most valuable business brands in the world. As an Asian-American woman, Chan Jones recognizes that her ascension to the C-suite is rare in today’s corporate culture, and is determined to change this. She left SAP in August of 2017 to found Tenshey (which means “angels” in Japanese), a leadership development company with a mission to advance gender diversity through executive coaching, one female leader at a time. Prior to SAP, Chan Jones held management positions at Microsoft and Level3 (now CenturyLink). She received her undergraduate degree in business management from Binghamton University and holds an MBA from Cornell University. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Johnson NYC Club at Cornell and is a frequent executive speaker at Cornell’s MBA program.

 As a speaker, Chan Jones combines C-Suite experience at the critical intersection of marketing and technology with a passion for paying her own success forward. Her keynotes reflect her deep commitment to empowering female executives, strengthening leadership teams, and creating a more inclusive, gender equal corporate landscape. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Gender Diversity Makes Business Sense: Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

The 2017 McKinsley/Lean In study reported a promising trend: 78% of CEOs in the U.S. see gender diversity as a top priority, up 56% from 2012. Perhaps this is because increasing data shows that female leadership also affects the bottom line. Businesses with women making up at least 30% of leadership positions typically see a +6% net increase in profit margins. And yet, women still face cultural and organizational challenges when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Maggie Chan Jones shares her personal journey, from emigrating from Hong Kong at the age of 14 to holding a global, C-level position. Drawing from her own experience and current market trends, Maggie outlines the elements needed to be a successful leader in today’s corporate culture, and shares best practices for organizational implementation.

Building a High Performance Team

Having led high performing and award-winning teams in large enterprise technology companies, Maggie Chan Jones will share her secrets on how to attract and retain the best talent, and cultivate an organizational culture that yields high performing leadership teams that have a shared vision, goals, and more importantly, purpose.

Lessons in Authentic Leadership

What is your leadership vision, and why should people follow you? Entrepreneur and award-winning CMO Maggie Chan Jones will share insights to help you set leadership principles that align with your personal values and those of your organization. You’ll identify the benchmark qualities to look out for as you recruit your leadership team and how to create a culture that allows them to thrive and remain engaged, avoiding costly turnover. Chan Jones shares personal stories from the front lines to emphasize the importance of taking risks, having a “go big or go home” mentality, making tough calls, and the need for clear and concise communication. Taking a holistic approach, Chan Jones will discuss the importance of self-care, work-life balance and maintaining your personal brand. This highly actionable presentation leaves audiences with the tools and inspiration needed to lead confidentially, effectively and authentically.

Find Your North Star

When Maggie Chan Jones was a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, she set a goal to hold a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) title one day. The odds seemed like they were stacked against her. Having emigrated from Hong Kong at the age of 14, English was her second language and she was in the male-dominated technology industry. Still, she persisted. Eight years later, she didn’t just reach that goal, she crushed it. Chan Jones became the first woman to be named CMO of SAP, the market’s top enterprise application software provider. In 2017, Forbes recognized her as one of the world’s most influential CMOs. In this fun and engaging presentation, Maggie reaches out to the next generation of female leaders with some key advice as they set their sights on their career journey in a fast-changing world. She stresses that your first job does not define you and that not all decisions are make-or-break this early on in your career. She also focuses on the importance of setting a goal, knowing yourself and surrounding yourself with the support and mentors needed to get there—all part of choosing to work at a company that shares your personal values.