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Margie  Warrell

Margie Warrell

Bestselling Author & Global Authority on Leadership Courage

Margie Warrell

Bestselling Author & Global Authority on Leadership Courage


Dr. Margie Warrell brings sharp insights from her diverse global experience to inspire bolder thinking and braver action.

The bestselling author of five books, Margie’s ability to distil grounded research into actionable advice sets her apart on the global stage. A leading authority on courageous leadership, she has learned a lot about overcoming fear and embracing change since her childhood growing up on a small farm in rural Australia. She has spent the last 25 years working around the world – in Australia, Asia, Papua New Guinea and the USA – while raising her four children.

An honouree of the Women’s Economic Forum and CEO of Global Courage, Margie sits on the advisory board of Forbes School of Business & Technology and is trusted by global brands – NASA, Google, Deloitte, Dell, Abbot, UN Foundation and Salesforce – to deliver life-changing programs that accelerate growth, inspire braver action and better outcomes. Her latest book, You’ve Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself has been hailed as a ‘transformative book for these times!’

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Lead Bravely Through Uncertainty, Change & Disruption

Find Courage

Embrace the Discomfort of Crucial Conversations

Speech Topics

Lead Bravely: Dare to Lead the Charge on Change

No one is immune to fear. Yet in-the-midst of uncertain times, only those who have learned to rise above it and lead with courage can unlock the potential in themselves and others and seize the opportunity adversity always holds.

• Engage teams around a big ‘Why’ that fosters shared purpose, unlocks ingenuity, and dismantles change resistance.
• Identify blind spots and reframe risk to make better decisions.
• Harness ‘emotional contagion’ to build psychological safety, nurture diversity & expand collective change-agility.
• Create resilience rituals that expand bandwidth and behavioral agility to thrive under pressure.

You’ve Got This! Time to Dial Up Your Courage 

Everyone experiences self-doubt yet successful people have mastered their inner dialogue, and don’t let their doubts call the shots. Drawing on the research from her best-selling book, You’ve Got This!

The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself Margie will give you proven strategies to:

• Defy the doubts that are holding your potential and future hostage.
• Build self-confidence in the aftermath of setbacks, enabling you to 'fail forward’ and succeed faster.
• Beat imposter syndrome and quiet your inner critic.
• Play from your strengths.
• Harness the power of language to harness fear, reframe stress and thrive under pressure.
• Apply the psychology of confidence and ‘train the brave’ on a whole new level.

Culture of Courage: Embolden Others to Think Bigger & Act Bolder

Harnessing the human capital in your organization has never been more critical. Yet, its greatest threat is the fear that stifles ingenuity and drives capable, creative people to play it safe and make short-sighted decisions. Embedding the value of courage in your organization’s culture leads to competitive edge, greater agility, and stronger outcomes.

Drawing on the latest research and fresh insights, Margie will equip your leaders with practical strategies to:

• Nurture psychological safety to unleash disruptive thinking & fail forward, faster.
• Create unconscious inclusion that harnesses the full value of diversity.
• Foster ‘loyal dissent’ to upgrade outdated paradigms that stifle innovation.
• Activate the ‘rally effect’ toward a shared mission critical.
• Unlearn to relearn, embracing a ‘risk ready’ mindset.
• Counter the unconscious forces that sabotage change and undermine crucial conversations and quality decision-making.

Brave Women Rising: Own Your Value and Make Your Unique Mark

Despite the compelling case for seating more women at decision-making tables, too few are. Empowering women to embrace their feminine strengths and own their power as change-agents is a vital lever for gender equity.

Drawing on her PhD research into the interplay of gender, power and leadership coupled with decades of emboldening women globally, Margie will share her personal stories as a ball-dropping working mother of four while sharing practical strategies to:

• Conquer the imposter syndrome and close the confidence gap.
• Find your authentic voice to speak with authority & impact.
• Counter ‘think male, think manager’ bias & ‘backlash effect.’
• Get the right career champions in your corner.
• Lower the ‘perfection’ high bar & get off your own back.
• Expand your capacity to thrive under pressure.
• Lift as you climb, amplifying the voice of other women.