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Margie  Warrell

Margie Warrell

Bestselling Author & Global Authority on Leadership Courage


You’ve Got This!, Train the Brave, Make Your Mark, Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe. The titles of Margie’s bestselling books reflect her passion for emboldening people to lead braver and more purposeful lives. Read More >

Margie has needed to find her courage many times since growing up one of seven children on a dairy farm in rural Australia. Personal adversity, backpacking solo around the world, starting a business with four children under five: all have taught her valuable lessons in building resilience, challenging norms and embracing change.

Today, Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching and psychology to equip people with the mindset, strategies and skills essential to lead themselves and others to better outcomes.

Margie's international experience has found her working with diverse organizations from NASA and the United Nations Foundation to British Telecom, Berkshire Hathaway and the Australian Federal Police.

A member of the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business & Technology, Margie has guest lectured at many universities, including Columbia University and Georgetown McDonough School of Business.

A Forbes contributor and host of the Live Brave Podcast, Margie’s insights have also been shaped by her work with trailblazing leaders such as Richard Branson, Steve Forbes and Bill Marriott.

Currently completing her PhD on inclusive leadership, Margie’s work draws on the latest research in positive and behavioural psychology, neuro-leadership and organizational change.

A passionate advocate for gender equality and inclusive leadership, in 2010 Margie founded Global Courage to embolden braver leadership and advance more women to decision-making tables. She is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and Ambassador for Women in Global Business and Google’s Womenwill.

An adventurous spirit at heart, Margie has lived around the world – from the wilds of Papua New Guinea to Washington D.C. – and travelled widely. She has crossed the Sahara Desert, hiked the Inca trail and Himalayas, swam with piranhas in the Amazon and, perhaps bravest of all, cycled across Beijing. Last but not least, Margie is also the mother of four children and enjoys sharing adventures with them and her husband Andrew—most recently, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro. Read Less ^

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Lead Bravely Through Uncertainty, Change & Disruption

Find Courage

Embrace the Discomfort of Crucial Conversations

Speech Topics

Leading Through Uncertainty: Find Courage in Crisis to Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

No one is immune to fear. Yet in the midst of disruptive change and uncertainty, only those who’ve learnt take action in its presence can harness the potential in themselves and others to transform uncertainty into opportunity, gain competitive edge and do business better. Read More >

Drawing on 25 years working with organizations globally plus the latest research, Margie will embolden your people to step up to the leadership plate, in more wholehearted ways, to lead through change with greater clarity, confidence and courage. Read Less ^

  • Engage remote teams around a big Why that fosters shared purpose, unlocks ingenuity and dismantles change resistance
  • Reframe ambiguity to make better decisions, faster amid VUCA
  • Identify blind spots and foster a risk-ready mindset
  • Harness ‘emotional contagion’ to build psychological safety, nurture diversity and expand collective change-agility
  • Create resilience rituals that expand bandwidth and behavioral agility to thrive under pressure

Culture of Courage: Build High Trust Teams that Embolden Everyone to Lean In & Lead

The greatest threat to any organization is the fear that stifles ingenuity, fuels risk aversion and drives highly capable, creative people to play it safe and make short-sighted, over-cautious decisions. Read More >

Harnessing the human capital in your organization has never been more critical. Embedding the value of courage within an organizational culture sets it up for competitive edge, greater agility, stronger engagement and improved performance in today’s VUCA global marketplace.

Only leaders who have found their courage to embrace vulnerability and show up authentically can build the psychological safety net required to harness the potential in others, grow high-trust teams that collaborate across silos and tap the full value of diversity in their ranks.

Drawing on the latest ideas in leadership and neuroscience, Margie will share a powerful research-backed framework to equip leaders to foster a culture of courage that emboldens disruptive thinking to ensure organizations remain competitive in an increasingly uncertain, globalized and accelerated world. Read Less ^

  • Create unconscious inclusion that harnesses the full value of diversity
  • Build the loyal cohesion needed to challenge outdated paradigms that stifle innovation
  • Engage people around a compelling Why that unlocks a deep sense of shared purpose
  • Identify blind spots and foster a risk-ready growth mindset
  • Role model decisiveness amid uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Counter the unconscious forces that undermine change initiatives, inhibit crucial conversations and stifle bold disruptive thinking

The Resilience Advantage: Expand “Bandwidth” to Thrive Under Pressure & Amid Uncertainty

Resilience isn’t we have, it’s what we do. Read More >

Responding to challenges with greater resiliency in ways that foster creativity, maintain optimism and promote self-efficacy is vital to mental wellbeing and securing competitive edge. Read Less ^

  • Disrupt default ‘fight or flight’ response to keep anxiety at bay
  • Embed ‘resilience rituals’ into daily routines to bring their ‘best selves’ to work
  • Harness emotional contagion to spread calm and ‘can-do’ optimism
  • Play from strengths to build self-trust, beat self-doubt and thrive under pressure
  • Apply neuro-linguistics to harness stress in positive ways

Brave Women Rising: Empowering Women to Defy Their Doubts & Own Their Difference

Despite the compelling case to have more women seated at decision-making tables, too few currently are. Empowering women to challenge gendered norms and expectations, own their unique feminine leadership strengths and step fully into their power as change-agents is a vital lever to achieving gender parity. Read More >

Drawing on her doctoral research of the interplay between gender, power and leadership as well as her extensive experience working with women around the world, Margie will share her personal stories as a ball-dropping working mother of four while providing proven and practical strategies to: Read Less ^

  • Counter chronic self-doubt, conquer the imposter syndrome and close the confidence gap
  • Power up their language to develop authentic leadership influence and executive presence
  • Counter agentic ‘think male, think manager’ gender norms, manage likeability and competence double binds as well as mitigate against the backlash effect
  • Secure the right sponsors/mentors to open doors and grow visibility
  • Practice self-compassion to get off your own back by embracing ‘done is better than perfect’
  • Prioritize what empowers — expanding capacity to thrive under pressure (and avoid burn out)