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Mary  Wineberg

Mary Wineberg

Olympic Gold Medalist, Author & Mindset Enthusiast 

Mary Wineberg

Olympic Gold Medalist, Author & Mindset Enthusiast 


Mary Wineberg a native of Brooklyn, New York is an icon of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness. Being deemed a ward of the state as a child, she later moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where she surmounted monumental challenges and overcame astronomical odds to earn the highest honor in all of sport, Olympic Gold in track and field. She eloquently shares her story of grit and perseverance to captivate, inspire, and empower all to dream bigger and become more.

Mary is a passionate educator, motivational speaker, author, and enthusiast of sports/life and second chances. She challenges everyone to disband limiting beliefs and blaze a trail of personal triumph in pursuit of securing one’s own “Gold”. She uses her inclusive platform to become a force of change and a person of impact.

Mary has been inducted into her college Hall of Fame, been recognized as a famous Cincinnatian, and received recognition from the former mayor of Cincinnati with her own “Mary Wineberg Day”. Mary takes pride in sharing her story and journey as an adopted child who learned to realize her potential. She has won a multitude of awards through the years due to her service, leadership and impact in the community; and has made several appearances via local/national /world media outlets. Mary brings energy, character and a sense of greatness to all that she encounters. She still resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two daughters.

She believes that we all have greatness within us; and that each of us has a story to share. How will you unlock your greatness?

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There is No I in Team

Mary shares her success as a fair and engaging team player who helped her team secure a gold medal.  She emphasizes and engages individuals to not forget that at some point in our careers we must work together.  That yes we all have a story to tell but it is all about how did we work with others to make that story happen? Mary uses her journey as a professional athlete, former teacher and advocate to motivate you to be an amazing teammate.

Unwavering Perseverance

Spending a short time as a ward of the state, to then moving into a new life and finally finding an identity of that of an Olympic Gold Medalist-who would have known? Mary shares her story from birth to the present. This message will allow others to see what it means to become an Olympian.  She encourages individuals to never give up. She allows those to see that Dreams can become true.

Realizing Your Potential & Goal Setting

With this motivational message, one can see their potential in whatever arena they may be involved in.  Mary will provide an engaging presentation that will showcase how to use skills, talents and to change one's mindset to one of a positive one to achieve their dreams. This message will allow individuals to dream, believe, achieve and conquer.  How will you Secure Your Gold?


Mary can take her journey and or experience and target it to fit the needs of your event.  She will engage and ensure that the audience will walk away with a feeling of inspiration and will be able to feel as if they too can win GOLD!


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