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Meagan  Johnson

Meagan Johnson

Generational Expert

Meagan Johnson

Generational Expert


Meagan has worked with over a thousand clients, including Boeing, Women in Cable Telecommunication, Ingram Micro, CIT Bank, Intel Corporation, American Architectural Manufacturers Association, TransUnion, MERCK Pharmaceuticals, Grainger, Women in Trucking, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble and Sodexo.

She is the co-author of the best-selling book Generations Inc From Boomers to Linksters Managing the Friction between Generations at Work. She has been Quoted by the Indy Star, Weight Watchers, The Advocate, Chicago Tribune, CNNMoney.com and US News & World Report. Meagan has been heard and seen on; NEWSY.com, CBSN, ABC Talk Live, NPR and profiled on Conde’ Nast’s Portfolio.com.

Recently, Meagan was an invited guest on the Dr. Phil Show!

Meagan was featured on Its Not a Crisis Podcast Hosted by Doryn Wallach, The Preconceived Podcast Hosted by Zale Mednick and the Wise Idea Podcast by Christopher J Harris.

Her company, Meagan Johnson Inc. is based in Phoenix Arizona where she resides with her husband and 3 big dogs who drool A LOT! (The dogs, not her husband).

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ZAP THE GENERATIONAL GAP!: Transforming, Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging Multi-Generational Teams

Having a Generational Misunderstanding is nothing new. Many of us have walked away from a multi-generational interaction with less than stellar results. We are left scratching our heads, thinking, “is this a generational issue or a personality problem?” Combined with conflicting generational information and blatant generational stereotypes, it can be a challenge to forge a new path with the multi-generational people in our lives.

Now, following a global pandemic, it has become increasingly necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to debunking Generational myths and truths.The truth is, the workforce, and possibly your household, spans across five generations. Each generation has experienced the pandemic through a different generational lens. On one end of the spectrum, the younger generations in the workforce, are beginning their careers during one of the largest global upheavals the world has experienced. On the other end, an entire generation, on the precipice of retirement, is learning how to conduct business in an increasingly digital environment. It can be a struggle to find the right balance between the sometimes-conflicting needs of each generation.

Meagan Johnson is a nationally recognized multi-generational expert and generational studies enthusiast. Since 1997; she has researched, written, and spoken about the multiple generations. Her focus is on how to build a culture of multi-generational collaboration…not alienation. Rather than promoting generational stereotypes, Meagan explores what drives a generation to succeed.

In her highly energetic presentation, ZAP THE GENERATIONAL GAP! Meagan delves into:

  • The best way to assist each generation in a post pandemic environment.
  • How to create Generational Inclusivity.
  • The importance of Generational Diversity.
  • The common denominators across the generations.
  • How Generational insensitivity can impact you and your organization.

Using a combination of client interviews, industry research and video, Meagan creates a unique, one-of-a-kind presentation for every audience in-person or virtual. The presentation Meagan delivers ranges from the Big Picture to the granular. Participants will leave with actions they can put in place immediately and steps to take them into the future.

The program will include:

  • The different generations and how their Generational Signposts shape their expectation of the workplace.
  • The steps to create a generationally robust and diverse culture.
  • The top generational engagement factors.
  • Different recruitment techniques for the younger generations.
  • How Leadership optics changes and challenges each generation.

There is no denying the pandemic upended many lives and drastically altered the workplace landscape. What did not change was humanity’s desire to connect and improve upon what has come before them. Recognizing and embracing generational diversity not only makes us empathetic to others but enables us to achieve what was previously believed unattainable.