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Michael  Stewart-Isaacs

Michael Stewart-Isaacs

Featured in the New York Times Magazine Money Edition, Co-Founder of I AM BRILLIANT ™ & Host of Sunday Stacks ™ Podcast

Michael Stewart-Isaacs

Featured in the New York Times Magazine Money Edition, Co-Founder of I AM BRILLIANT ™ & Host of Sunday Stacks ™ Podcast


The son of two immigrant parents, Michael Stewart-Isaacs is a man who has changed his point of view at an early age that giving back to others is vital to a strong mindset. He is an entrepreneur that overcame his troubled beginnings in Brooklyn, New York to become a well-respected business executive. He was tag as the poster child for ‘Entrepreneurship’ from the very beginning of his career since he founded his first company at the age of 13. He raised a million dollars worth of investment capital, while still in High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been a radio personality for both Duke University’s WXDU and St. Augustine College’s WAUG. Michael has acquired great insight into our legal system after he defeated the state of New York in federal trademark court, occupied Wall Street, and forged relationships in the Hollywood community.

Michael has become an in-demand speaker helping people to step through their own fears and struggles. He has studied and formed systems around Motivation, Success, and Knowledge that enable individuals to tap into their highest level of potential. His journey has taught him how to navigate opportunities to reach success with a stellar body of work consulting celebrities, politicians, and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked in the banking industry and broadcast television to enhance his background in public relations. Michael continues to give back and share his story in order to give hope, inspire, and help others just as they have helped him. He hopes to grow his social entrepreneurship mission by guiding society with positive stewardship.

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Speech Topics

15 Keys to Success

These fifteen keys are lessons learned from Michael's years working within the business and entertainment industry. His witty ideas and comedic performance shows when he is sharing the keys to "surviving your industry." Now, these principles are being revealed in this lively session to empower your passions and career. 

MSK 21: Motivation, Success, Knowledge

The guiding beliefs of your life shape your destiny. Imagine if you could see the equation of your life story. This presentation opens your heart to greater levels of a caring and positive mindset.

MAPS: Making a Public Statement

In this impactful presentation participants learn key characteristics of skilled orators. You will be educated in making your voice a brand asset. The next ten years of your life will become more fulfilling and enjoyable when you feel confident in your voice and brand. 


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