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Mike  Rowe

Mike Rowe

Executive Producer, Host & Best-Selling Author


From the Baltimore Opera to QVC shopping channel, executive producer, host, and best-selling author Mike Rowe has had hundreds of jobs and relished his role as a chronic freelancer. Read More >

He’s best known as the “dirtiest man on TV,” a title he earned on the hit TV series Dirty Jobs. Mike and the original Dirty Jobs crew have since set out on a road trip to revisit past jobbers and share never-before-told stories in a brand-new four-part series, Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip. In what can only be described as  an  envelope  mix up,  Mike  won  an  Emmy  in  the  category  for  Outstanding  Host  for  a  Daytime  Program  for his  work  on Facebook’s groundbreaking series Returning the Favor, where Mike searches for remarkable people making a difference in their communities.  You can also listen to him on The Way I Heard It, America’s #1 short-form podcast of five-minute mysteries for  the  curious  mind  with  a  short  attention  span; read  his New  York  Times best-selling  book The  Way  I  Heard  It, a  mix  of biography and auto-biography based on his popular podcast; or watch him on the TV series Somebody’s Gotta Do It on TBN. 

As the country’s leading advocate for skilled labor and the CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity that debunks myths and misperceptions about the trades and helps close the skills gap, his foundation has granted millions  of  dollars  in  work  ethic scholarships. In his spare time,  Mike  keeps  a  lively  conversation  with more  than 5  million Facebook friends, where he talks about everything from the musings of his persnickety terrier named Freddy to the merits and pitfalls of blind patriotism. Read Less ^

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Why Dirty Jobs Matter

Why has America declared a war on work? In this talk, Mike Rowe gives an illuminating account of the true nature of skilled labor, and why it’s being devalued by the media, advertising, and even the government. Why are people who do dirty jobs some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet? How do they achieve a work-life symmetry others can’t? What lessons can we learn about teamwork, determination, efficiency, and our definition of success? With conviction, humor and deep humanity, Mike Rowe brings us face-to-face with Americans who are simply doing their jobs, happily and well. In the process, he reminds us of the enormous but forgotten benefits of hard, honest work, and how it affects everything from our national identity to our infrastructure to the economy.

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