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Natalie  Warne

Natalie Warne

Human Rights Activist, Advocacy Educator, Engagement Strategist & TED Speaker

Natalie Warne

Human Rights Activist, Advocacy Educator, Engagement Strategist & TED Speaker


Natalie Warne is an Activist, Youth Engagement Strategist, Advocacy Educator, and TED Speaker. Her career as a Human Rights Activist began at the age of 17 when she began working for the humanitarian aid organization, Invisible Children. What began as a six-month internship resulted in Natalie leading award-winning international human rights awareness campaigns that mobilized over 150,000 people globally capturing international attention. These campaigns resulted in two pieces of legislation being passed through Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama. Natalie’s advocacy initiatives have been featured on CNN, NPR, LA Times, and The Oprah Winfrey Show ultimately landing her a TED Talk about engaging youth in social justice movements. Her acclaimed talks have accumulated over a million views.

To further her experience in social justice, Natalie produced documentary content in Rwanda highlighting the stories of women who were survivors of the Rwandan Genocide that went on to become successful entrepreneurs. Her time spent living in Rwanda was also dedicated to furthering her knowledge and the first-hand experience researching the personal stories, aftermath, and outcomes of a post-conflict region to learn how to better address the human rights crises that are currently taking place around the world. Upon returning back to the United States, Natalie began working for TaskForce, an independent agency that works at the intersection of arts, culture, and social change. TaskForce is acclaimed for creating the 2008 Obama HOPE Campaign with Shepard Fairey. Together, Natalie and her team at TaskForce partnered with local non-profits, artists, and brands to create immersive events and art exhibitions that addressed relevant societal issues such as criminal justice reform, educational equity, and voter activation through Rock the Vote.

After her work with TaskForce, Natalie joined the MacArthur Foundation as a multimedia producer, an event producer, and a millennial ambassador for a newly established communications and creative branch of the foundation. She worked with a network of educators, experts, and youth-serving organizations that promoted access to participatory, interest-driven learning. She produced their major events and created branding and engagement strategies for their youth audience.

Since then, Natalie has been sought out by the U.S. Department of State, Obama Foundation, Disney, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Forbes Women, Novartis, Salesforce, Stanford University, SAP, Amnesty International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the MacArthur Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of America, and hundreds of additional organizations, corporations, and educational institutions to travel the world to empower, educate, and equip movement builders with the tools needed to build momentum towards lasting change around the most pressing issues facing their communities. Natalie has addressed over 600 audiences worldwide and whether she is serving as a keynote speaker, event host or emcee, facilitator, panelist, advisor, or consultant, Natalie’s mission with all of her clients is to help them prioritize equity, social justice, and inclusion in their work making activism lifestyle. Natalie is based in Los Angeles.

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Being Young & Making an Impact

Natalie Warne has developed an innovative platform built upon the firm belief that driven individuals of all ages have the capacity to be change agents for their global community. She has spoken to more than 500 different audiences and over 75,000 people worldwide and many more online. Natalie speaks on the power that this generation has to shape our future through activism and civic engagement.