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Patric  Young

Patric Young

Former Professional Basketball Player, SEC Analyst, Disability Advocate & Traumatic Car Accident Survivor


Patric Young played center for the University of Florida men’s basketball team (2010-2014) in a career that included being named Defensive player of the year, 3 time SEC Scholar Athlete, 3 time SEC champion and a trip to the final four. Following a six year professional career including a stop with the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, Patric landed his post as SEC Network Studio Host for college basketball. Once the 2022 season ended, he moved to Nebraska to be with his fiancée’s family before their planned summer wedding. Then tragedy struck. Ten days before the big day, Patric had his spinal cord injured in a roll-over accident leaving him unable to walk. Read More >

They say accidents like these are life-changing, but for Patric, it was life-affirming. Following an 8-1/2 hour surgery, Patric was transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver for rehabilitation and to learn to cope with the nature of his injury. He committed himself to working hard—staying focused on conquering each new challenge while remaining the best he could be for himself and his new family. Completing a ninety-day program in only forty-two days, he was released from the hospital.

The experience opened his eyes to the fragility of life and that it is possible to prepare for, endorse, and outlast any storm in life we may face. While in the middle of what most people may see as a tragedy Patric has chosen to define this season of his life in his own terms. Using his story to inspire those to practice gratitude and live each day to the fullest not allowing your circumstances affect how you control your destiny for greatness. Read Less ^

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Showing Up and Taking It Day by Day

Embracing Opportunities

Speech Topics

Grieving An Old Life While Still Living

Grief is a process, and it's a challenging feat when it's your past life in the rear view mirror. After a near-tragic car accident left former college basketball star Patric Young paralyzed from the waist down, he had to say goodbye to his old life. Today, he challenges and encourages his audiences to find the balance in remembering the life that got them to where they are today, as they leave behind the ego that pushes them towards trying to get there again. There is beauty in new, and Young is embracing his.

Recovery Is A Team Sport

Traumatic injuries and events in life can leave you feeling isolated, depressed and alone. Former college basketball star Patric Young knows this too well, after becoming paralyzed from the waist down due to a near-tragic car accident that changed his life forever. Today, he relies on his roots as an athlete, and reminds audiences that the strongest individuals don't lose sight of the team around them of loved ones and professionals who help bring victory to recovery. Family, friends, doctors, nurses, therapists, strangers - all with the same vision in mind for success. Everyone plays a role in recovery. It truly is a team sport.

How To Prepare To Weather Life's Inevitable Storms

Preparing for a hurricane in Florida is something Patric Young has known how to do since he was a kid. But when COVID hit, he and his family decided to use the same methods of response. Control what you can, embrace the storm, and know that there is an aftermath to look towards.

An Ode To Healthcare Workers: Without You, There Is No Us

This talk is a simple love letter to healthcare workers who need a reminder of why they do what they do. Patric Young shares his reflections with audiences on his time in the hospital, rehab, and therapy after a near-tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He pulls memories and stories from those closest to him, including his mother, as he thanks nurses and doctors that make our world a better place. Without them, there is no chance he makes it to his next step in his journey.