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Rachel  DeAlto

Rachel DeAlto

Communications Expert

Rachel DeAlto

Communications Expert


Rachel DeAlto is on a mission to connect people to their most powerful resource—each other.
Rachel is a communication and relatability expert, media personality, and former attorney who combines her education (she also maintains a Master's in psychology) with her corporate and start-up experience to create a blueprint that allows leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams to build better connections and thereafter, better everything.

Rachel's programs are highly interactive, customized, and create the potential for a ripple effect in every area of the audience's lives. Her signature programs involve a framework that helps people understand themselves, their relationships, and their impact on others. She has trained executives, employees, and teams in a variety of industries around the world: from global Fortune 500 companies to startups, governments to nonprofits. And she does it all with her trademark humor and energy.

She is the author of relatable: How to Connect with Anyone Anywhere (Even if It Scares You) (Simon & Schuster, 2021), and has appeared as an expert on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight and over 200+ national media outlets. She also maintains an influential social media presence where she shares psychological research updates and practical takeaways to connect and communicate more efficiently. Rachel speaks on leadership, the power of connection, emotional intelligence, and fearless authenticity with her most recent TEDx, Being Authentic in a Filtered World, featured on TED.com.

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Speech Topics

The Relatable Leader: Create a Culture of Connection

In today's complex business environment, effective leadership is not just about expertise or influence - it's about building trust and respect by cultivating genuine human connections with your team.

Delivered through compelling storytelling, interactive exercises, and grounded in Rachel’s own proprietary leadership research study, this transformative keynote will empower your audience to become a relatable leader who inspires trust, motivates others, and achieves remarkable results.

Rachel DeAlto’s research specifically defined the key interpersonal leadership qualities that teams are looking for in managers and executives - and the results are likely not what you would expect. The presentation will explore the behaviors and traits that foster strong bonds and drive performance across generations. 

The audience will unlock powerful and practical strategies to foster a culture of connection that drives collaboration, productivity, and success. By emphasizing compassion and leading with emotional intelligence, your audience will revolutionize their approach to elevate your unique leadership abilities.


  • Master the art of creating meaningful connections to enhance leadership skills and build trust
  • Implement techniques to engage and encourage teams toward exceptional performance
  • Break down silos and improve communication between team members
  • Foster psychological safety to boost collaboration
  • Build an organizational culture rooted in trust, motivation, and respect

This keynote will provide leaders across industries with the strategies and insights to transform team relationships and accelerate success through meaningful connections.

Relatable leaders deliver real results. 

The Power of Connection: Relatable Sales Strategies for a Changing World

Sales is about more than numbers. It’s about meaningful human connections.
As buyer behavior evolves, forward-thinking sales teams are connecting more authentically to thrive. They understand today’s buyers want to work with people who understand their needs and provide customized value.

This requires a focus on building genuine relationships beyond transactions. Communication and relatability expert Rachel DeAlto shares proven strategies for sales teams to embrace this change and drive growth by leading with connection. 


  • Relate to modern buyers’ motivations and priorities
  • Strengthen communication by listening to understand
  • Build expertise and confidence through co-creation
  • Form authentic partnerships via shared purpose and passion
  • Continuously develop relatability skills and mindsets
  • Optimize activities to nurture relationships 
  • Sales leaders will gain actionable techniques to help their teams connect more deeply, convert more contacts into satisfied clients, and maximize the potential of every relationship.

The Relatable Team: Connecting for Success

Organizations thrive when teams connect on a human level. Yet, many struggle to create authentic communication pathways and collaboration that lead to continued, repeatable success.

This interactive, connective keynote provides powerful strategies to help your company unite teams through meaningful stories and on-site engagement with one another. Transform divisions into cohesion and resistance into relatability. Participants will leave with actionable tips to strengthen bonds company-wide, accelerate success, and maximize the potential of your greatest asset – your people.


  • Break down silos by improving communication
  • Boost trust and psychological safety across the organization
  • Revolutionize teamwork through compassion and emotional intelligence
  • Create an interconnected culture focused on people
  • Implement ways to engage and understand colleagues

The result? An organization powered by collaborative, innovative, and motivated teams united by shared purpose and understanding. Attendees will feel valued, inspired, and equipped to contribute to this thriving culture.