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Robert  Evans

Robert Evans

Consultant to Schools & Organizations

Robert Evans

Consultant to Schools & Organizations


Rob Evans is a psychologist and school consultant. A former high school and pre-school teacher, and a former child and family therapist, he has worked with schools and families for fifty years and has consulted to more than 1,700 schools across the U.S. and internationally.

His interests have centered on the challenges of leading innovation; on changes in American families and their impact on schools; and on improving collegial candor among educators crisis intervention. He also helps schools after major crises (tragic deaths, suicides, etc.) and he offers strategic thinking and conflict resolution workshops for school boards.

Rob received his undergraduate degree from Princeton and his doctorate from Harvard. He is the author of many articles. His books include The Human Side of School Change and Seven Secrets of The Savvy School Leader. His latest book is Hopes and Fears: Working with Today’s Independent School Parents, co-written with Michael Thompson.

Speech Topics

Changing Families Changing Schools

Educators have long been reporting that students are harder to reach and teach, their developmental profiles more uneven, their attention and motivation harder to sustain, their language and behavior more provocative. And parents are more anxious about their children’s success, yet less available to support and guide them, and more demanding and critical of the school. Rob Evans will explore these dilemmas and ways to cope, calling for a stronger assertion of school values and suggesting new ways to deal with students and parents—and new ways for staff groups to support one another and sustain their skills in a challenging environment.

Surviving & Thriving in Challenging Times

Life in schools was growing ever more complex and challenging well before Covid. Two-plus years of a lethal pandemic and the rise of a toxic political climate have intensified these pressures. How can school leaders respond constructively? How can they best maintain staff morale, energy, and competence and best deal with their parents? Rob Evans will outline ways to cope and manage these issues both individually and as a school community.

Getting to No: Building True Collegiality in Schools

The ability to talk together honestly about performance is vital to improving teachers’ skills on behalf of students. But conflict avoidance is deeply embedded in the DNA of educators. It remains a way of life in schools despite all the workshops on difficult conversations. Rob Evans will outline concrete, doable ways to improve candor, collegiality, and communication.

Leading Change & Managing Resistance to It

Schools are widely seen as needing all sorts of changes—from curriculum and pedagogy to equity and diversity. But the culture of schooling and the nature of educators both make innovation in schools particularly challenging. This program explores the psychology of leading change and presents strategies for overcoming resistance to it.

Key Dilemmas in School Governance

School board members, especially those who work in the business world, can encounter—and cause—real frustration. Convinced that innovation and measurable goals are both vital, they are often surprised and distressed by educators’ resistance. Rob Evans outlines the unique features of schools that make them naturally less “changeable” than other organizations and details key ways that school leaders and boards can promote successful growth and improvement.

Parenting with Less Stress & More Success

There is no harder job than being a parent. Nothing else touches so much of a person so deeply—or so unpredictably—and there is no training for it. This was true pre-COVID, as the pace of life accelerated, media influences intensified, and the future grew less predictable. So it’s no wonder parents now find it harder to be confident, how to reduce their children’s stress—and their own. Dr. Evans will outline these dilemmas and offer specific, down-to-earth suggestions for successful coping.