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Robert  Watson

Robert Watson

Distinguished Professor of History, Assistant Director, Center for Citizenship & Civility & Award-Winning Author

Robert Watson

Distinguished Professor of History, Assistant Director, Center for Citizenship & Civility & Award-Winning Author


Dr. Robert Watson is an award-winning author, professor and Avron Fogelman Research Professor at Lynn University and historian and analyst for numerous media outlets. He has published over 40 books on history and politics, five works of fiction and hundreds of scholarly journal articles, book chapters and reference essays. He also serves as the series editor for the long-running scholarly book anthology on the American presidency published by the State University of New York and as the editor of two popular multi-volume encyclopedia sets–The American Presidents and American First Ladies–which are currently in their fourth and third editions, respectively. Several of his books have won national and international book awards and been featured at major literary festivals and on C-SPAN.

Watson has been interviewed multiple times by news outlets in the U.S. and abroad, appeared in many televised history documentaries and served as a visiting scholar with leading historical sites including the Smithsonian, the Pentagon, West Point, the National Archives Museum, the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, The White House Historical Association, the Gettysburg National Military Park, The National Civil War Museum, Mount Vernon and the Museum of the American Revolution to name a few.

He has been named “professor of the year” many times at two universities and is the recipient of multiple awards for his media commentary, efforts to combat incivility and anti-Semitism, and programs for youth.

A master storyteller, Watson entertains, informs and inspires us with the lessons of the past that have made us who we are today.

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Speech Topics

Hamilton: Man, Myth, Musical…Mensch: The Little-Known, Inspiring Story of the Founder’s Jewish Roots

One of the most famous Broadway shows of all time, Hamilton tells the story of one of our greatest founding fathers—Alexander Hamilton. The play showcases how Hamilton’s life was filled with triumph and tragedy as he rose from the humblest of roots in the West Indies to the heights of power where he played a central role in the Revolutionary War, Constitutional Convention and Washington Administration. But there is so much more to the man and his story. In this deeply fascinating and entertaining talk, Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished professor of history, reveals another side of our First Secretary of the Treasury: Hamilton’s long, consequential and inspiring connection to the Jewish community.

Roots and Resurgence of Anti-Semitism: A History of Conspiracy, Pseudo-Science & Hate

Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished professor of history, explores the long and tragic history of anti-Semitism—one that spans cultures and countries over the millennia— and reveals the underlying sources of hate, how it has endured over time and the “justifications” behind countless horrors.

The Abraham Lincoln You Never Knew: Poignant Insights Into the Character of Our Greatest President

Known for his masterful storytelling, Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished professor of history, reveals several little-known sides of Abraham Lincoln’s complex character in this inspiring, touching and humorous look at our greatest president and the forces that shaped his extraordinary leadership.

Electing Madam President: The Road to the First Woman in the Oval Office

It is not if, but when the U.S. elects a woman to the White House. In this entertaining and informative keynote, Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished historian, discusses the history of women in politics, why the U.S. has lagged behind many other nations in putting women in high office and what it will mean to finally elect Madam President.

Hidden History: Fun Facts About What We Know, Don’t Know and Think We Know About the Past

Think history is boring? Not at all, says Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished professor of history. There is far more we don’t know about history than we do know and in this fun romp through the past, he highlights how historians discern fact from legend and uncovers the secrets of yesteryear.

Leadership Lessons From the Great Presidents

Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished professor of history, takes you on a journey into the Oval Office and War Room in this insightful talk about the less well-known character traits and leadership styles of our greatest presidents and their most impactful decisions.

Dysfunction in Washington: History, Causes, Consequences

Although it might seem like this country is more divided than ever before, it’s nothing new. We have seen dysfunction, gridlock and hyper-partisanship in the past. In this keynote, Dr. Robert Watson, a distinguished historian, explores these lessons as they pertain to the great challenges of leadership today and reveals several causes of our nation’s governing crisis.

The Fascinating Lives of America’s First Ladies

Join the distinguished Historian Robert Watson in a fun and insightful look at the powers behind the presidential throne as he reveals the little-known history of America’s First Ladies: their triumphs and tragedies, loves and losses and many interesting contributions to their husbands’ careers and nation.

The Legacy of the Nuremberg Trials

Distinguished Professor of History Dr. Robert Watson takes you behind the scenes to learn about the arguments for and against the Nuremberg trials, an effort to document the full range of Nazi atrocities, the challenges facing the prosecution and the enduring legacy of the most important trial in history.

Truman & Israel: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Statehood in 1948

Distinguished Historian Dr. Robert Watson shares the story of one of the most unlikely leaders in history who would become the great champion of statehood and the larger Jewish diaspora after the Holocaust—President Harry S. Truman. This program, based on years of extensive interviews with former Truman aides and a deep dive into the archival record, examines the little-known politics and personal relationships that led to the establishment of Israel.