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Sarah  Palin

Sarah Palin

Conservative Icon, Former Vice Presidential Candidate & Governor of Alaska


A history-making woman leader, GOP kingmaker and beloved “Mama Grizzly,” Governor Sarah Palin’s maverick personality, spot-on political instincts and deep connection with “the silent majority” of American voters have made her one of the most influential women in conservative politics. As one of the earliest endorsers of President Trump, Governor Palin injected vital support and game-changing momentum at a critical juncture in the battle for the Republican nomination. Read More >

Today, Governor Palin continues to fight for the millions of Americans that are often overlooked by Washington and the mainstream media. As an unforgettable keynote speaker, she shares her own life journey of overcoming challenges by putting family first and finding strength in her deep Christian faith. Drawing full houses and standing-room-only crowds, Sarah Palin calls upon all Americans—of all political persuasions and beliefs—to get motivated, get involved and join together to build a brighter future.

Known for her meteoric rise from first female (and youngest) Governor of Alaska to first woman on the GOP presidential ticket, Governor Palin has captured hearts and minds around the world with her outspoken honesty, fearless principles and passionate personality. Recognized as one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People” and Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women,” Governor Palin is also one of only 21 women on Smithsonian’s “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time” list. In election after election, her endorsement and the support of her political action committee, SarahPAC, are considered the gold standard for conservative candidates. A devoted mother and grandmother, Governor Palin has shared her family’s personal experiences raising a Down syndrome child and having a son deployed overseas to advocate for children with special needs, military families and those who serve. Governor Palin is the author of four books. Her memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life and inspirational book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag were immediate bestsellers. Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas called for bringing back the freedom to express the Christian values of the season. Her most recent book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional applies biblical principles to contemporary issues. An avid sportswoman, known as “First Lady of the Outdoors,” Governor Palin hosted Amazing America with Sarah Palin on the Sportsman Channel and starred in Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC. She was also a Fox News political commentator. Governor Palin’s long record of achievement in public office includes two terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, two terms on the Wasilla City Council and Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, where she shaped energy policy. While mayor of Wasilla, she was elected President of Alaska’s Conference of Mayors. Governor Palin graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Idaho and worked as a sportscaster in Anchorage before entering public service.

Speaking from the heart and the heartland, Sarah Palin’s rousing, refreshingly candid keynotes are filled with the homespun stories of everyday Americans, history-making political players and the challenges that she has faced as a leader, mother, wife, public servant and political candidate. With honesty, humor and her signature zingers, Governor Palin celebrates traditional, small town conservative values that are grounded in faith, family and patriotism. Audiences leave motivated, informed, entertained and uplifted by one of the most notable American women of our time. Read Less ^

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Bridging the Political Divide

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The Importance of Prayer, Faith, and Family

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Speech Topics

Closing the Great American Divide: Can We Come Together as a Country?

America is more divided than ever. Not just in our political polarization and governmental gridlock. According to Sarah Palin, the gap that exists between the “silent majority” of American voters in the heartland and the values and vision of the elites in Washington and the media is bigger than ever. In an era where pundits and pollsters have consistently failed to predict the political mood of the nation, Sarah Palin prevails. Her deep understanding of the hopes, dreams, values and anger of America’s heartland have made her one of the most influential and beloved figures in conservative politics. In this candid keynote, Governor Palin speaks truth to power and shares valuable insights into the voters who, with her critical endorsement, elected President Trump. Taking an unvarnished look at the current political landscape, she offers valuable insight into what all of us can do to bring the country together.

The Future of the Republican Party

Has Donald Trump forever altered the GOP? What lessons must we learn from the 2016 election? And what will the midterms bring? While politicos theorize about “rebranding,” Sarah Palin talks tough about restoring the trust of the American people. Fearless, principled and focused on traditional conservative and small town values, Governor Palin calls for tossing out the careful scripts, political consultants, focus groups and big bad media polls. In this energizing speech, she showcases the political instincts and insights that have made her a GOP kingmaker, leader of the Tea Party movement and sought-after anointer of up-and-coming conservative insurgents. Lending her powerful voice to the hopes of the “silent majority” of voters that elected President Trump, Governor Palin outlines what the Republican Party must do to capture their loyalty—and harness their power.

Family, Faith and Flag: Personal Reflections on Overcoming Challenges

Finding joy in raising a child with Down syndrome. Protecting family life as the first female GOP vice presidential candidate. Worrying, as every parent does, about a son deployed overseas. It’s one thing to overcome the challenges that so many women and families face. It’s another thing to do it in the constant glare of the public spotlight. Over the past decade, we have all watched Sarah Palin roll with every punch and rise up strong. In this highly moving keynote, one of the most influential women of our time speaks about what she considers her most important roles: mom, wife, citizen, Christian and fellow struggler. Believing that the key to finding real joy in life is to find strength in faith, put family first, and count on the ones you love most to keep you grounded, she shares powerful insights that touch hearts and inspire all of us to protect, like a “Mama Grizzly,” what genuinely matters.

Inspiring Lives: A Message of Resilience and Hope

Capturing the hearts and minds of millions as the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin continues to inspire and connect with people from all walks of life. Holding steadfast to her convictions even in the midst of personal and professional challenges, including her landmark political career, Palin lets her values be her compass as she navigates her role on the global stage with grace. The many roles she has embraced in her life—devoted wife, military mom, public servant and champion for children with special needs—have given her far-reaching perspective into the struggles we all face. Attracting record-breaking crowds, Palin's inspirational message of resilience and hope, combined with her warm personality, will touch the spirit of each audience member and remind them that the best possible life is never out of reach.

Today's Issues: Their Impact on Our Present and Our Children’s Future

In her audience-specific, standing-room-only presentations, Sarah Palin addresses the challenges facing our country and the world. No longer a professional politician or pundit, she offers independent, insightful observations about the issues impacting our lives and our kids’ futures.  Read More >

As one of the first and most influential conservatives to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy, Palin offers an insider’s perspective on the populist message that got him elected, as well as the pressing items that will cross his desk in the Oval Office. She can speak with passion and authority on a number of those items, including:

  • Energy independence: the lessons that the federal government can learn from Alaska’s development of domestic oil and natural gas resources
  • National security: how to keep Americans safe at home and abroad, and how to fulfill our sacred obligations to our active duty military and our veterans 
  • Fiscal responsibility: reducing wasteful spending, shrinking the size of government and creating an economic healthcare model that benefits all Americans

  Read Less ^

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Sweet Freedom: A Devotional