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Sekou  Andrews

Sekou Andrews

Poetic Voice


As the world’s leading Poetic Voice, Sekou creates powerful poetic presentations that give voice to the missions of organizations and help them tell their most powerful stories. He is the creator of poetic voice - a new, cutting-edge speaking category that fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry to make messages more moving and memorable. Bringing the power of art to business through his unique, dynamic blend of strategic storytelling, business insight, spoken word, theater and comedy, he makes events into experiences, and transforms audiences of informed receivers into enrolled responders. Sekou does more than inspire us with his story; he inspires us with our story. Read More >

An elementary schoolteacher turned actor, musician, national poetry slam champion, entrepreneur, and now award-winning Poetic Voice, any given day may now find Sekou presenting an original talk for international marketing executives, giving a keynote speech at a leadership conference, or performing pieces for Barack Obama in Oprah’s backyard.

His work has been featured on such diverse national media outlets as ABC World News, MSNBC, HBO, Good Morning America, Showtime, MTV and BET, and he has performed privately for such prominent individuals as Maya Angelou, Quincy Jones, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, Norman Lear, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, and Coretta Scott King and family.

Organizations that have experienced poetic voice include Nike, Viacom, Cisco, Global Green, eBay, Caterpillar, Google, Upward Bound, The GAP, LinkedIn, Express, Paypal, General Mills, TEDx, YPO, NBA, Intuit, LPGA, Summit, Singularity University and the Million Dollar Roundtable to name but a few. Sekou has also emerged as an engaging voice for health and wellness, routinely evoking tears, cheers, and standing ovations at various cutting edge conferences/clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, TEDMED, Roche, IHI Forum, Genentech, American Nurses Association, and Health 2.0.

Beyond the business world, Sekou, along with creative partner Steve Connell, has inspired audiences from the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival to The Pasadena Pops Orchestra. He is also a successful voiceover artist and actor with several national commercials and 3 films on his resume; not to mention his two-man spoken word play “The Word Begins”, with Connell, which received critical acclaim and garnered 3 Helen Hayes award nominations. As a recording artist and producer, Sekou’s last album, “Poetic License,” made him the most awarded artist in the nation’s largest independent music organization. Most recently Sekou has been teaching his rockstar secrets to public speaker through his Stage Might™ speaker training, which unlocks people’s hidden speaking power by training them in the proven techniques performers, artists, and rock stars use.

With all of the innovation and inspiration that is Poetic Voice, Sekou Andrews gives voice to our most powerful stories and shows us the best version of ourselves, so we can live into it. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

The End of (Sick) Day

'Gimme A Beat' at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Ashford University Commencement Day

Speech Topics

D.I.Y. Innovation

As companies large and small grapple with how to face disruption and inspire a culture of innovation, this popular, energetic keynote reminds your audience to innovate from within first. Sekou offers a creative perspective on embracing failure, encouraging unconventional thinking and being the kind of leader who walks your innovation talk. The inspiration in this hilarious and powerful talk will hit your audience deeply when Sekou shares the personal, innovative story of his creation of a new, cutting-edge style of communication, illustrating that “Innovation is simply the difference between ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ and ‘Why didn’t I think LIKE that?’”

Stage Might

Of the top 3 things people fear most – spiders, public speaking and death – only two can kill you… (especially death). Not only will stage fright NOT kill you, when you convert it to stage MIGHT it will make YOU the killer. You will kill the speech, crush the pitch, and rock the presentation by learning how to PERFORM your speech like a rockstar. The fun and interactive keynote is perfect for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone else who wants to become a more dynamic communicator but doesn’t know how to unlock that power. Stage Might is a training system that teaches the powerful techniques of songwriters, comedians, actors and improv artists and applies them to business communication. Sekou Andrews will help your audience take off their speaker hats, put on their performer hats, and learn from OUTside of their industry in order to stand out withIN their industry.

Happily & Beyond: Success Through Storytelling

Storytelling is transforming how innovative companies market, engage customers, and do business. Sekou has helped audiences – from sales teams and marketers to grantwriters and techies – understand how to embed information into engaging stories that reach consumers on a human level. Pulling key material from Sekou’s executive training on storytelling, this speech is rich with strategic insight on how to find the story in your data, as well as Sekou’s usual energetic, interactive, high-powered brand of storytelling that will help your company celebrate it’s perpetual “Happily Ever After.”

Love Affair with Healthcare

What if you could remind your audience of the moment they fell in love with healthcare? What if you could reignite the passion in providers – caregivers, executives, and housekeeping alike - to connect with patients on a human, heartfelt level? What if you could take your entire healthcare community on a laughter and tear-filled journey that renews their vows to provide the best quality care. If you could do that - write a love poem to healthcare that makes your audience fall back in love with it - this keynote is how it would sound.

The Pinky Promise of Care

Providing quality healthcare is a beautiful topic. Patient safety and medical error … not so much. So Sekou transforms this important but challenging issue into a rollercoaster ride of laughter and tears that holds every team member accountable for keeping patients safe. The fact that this speech consistently leaves audiences carrying Sekou’s pinky promise pledge back to their facilities, pinning it on their walls, and sharing it with their team is proof of how poetic voice can turn what some consider the un-sexiest of topics into powerful anthems.

How to “Awesomefy” Your Life!

Want to help your audience celebrate their awesomocity? This talk is like gifting your audience with their own, personal, halftime-at-the-SuperbowlAl-Pacino-locker-room speech! Sekou shares inspirational insight and personal development concepts to help you transcend dark days and challenging seasons. By the time you’re done laughing your stress off while learning how to reignite your passion, confidence and balance, you will want to share these infectiously creative takeaways with everyone you care about to remind them to “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE,” be the “LITTLE EXTRA CUP,” and “ALWAYS VACUUM WITH A SMILE.” Based on “The Awesome Anthem” - one of Sekou most popular videos featuring Quincy Jones, Tim Ferris, Omari Hardwick, Norman Lear, and many other icons, business leaders and artists – this speech is perfect for both business conferences & entertainment events

New Money

This speech, in various forms, has been shared with diverse audiences – from TEDxWallstreet and Conscious Capitalism, to Speak & Write To Make Millions and The GAP. It’s bold message dances between creating the discomfort necessary to compel change, and fostering the inspiration necessary to ignite possibility. Beginning with the statement “This year, it’s about the money!” Sekou then journeys through the process of redefining wealth, from the most self-serving definitions of wealth to the most holistic. “True wealth is not defined by whether I can pay for it, but whether I can pay it forward.” Remind your attendees to invest in themselves and their communities, and “make dollars that make change” by learning to get rich quick with NEW MONEY.

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