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Selema  Masekela

Selema Masekela

Commentator, Journalist, Musician, Activist & Producer

Selema Masekela

Commentator, Journalist, Musician, Activist & Producer


Selema Masekela is a beloved commentator, journalist, musician, activist and producer best known for his work across NBC, VICE, E!, ESPN, Nat Geo & beyond. With decades of action sports journalism under his belt, including the Red Bull Signature Series, Summer and Winter X Games, Vice World of Sports, his cultural reporting in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and so much more, Masekela is often considered an action sports evangelist.

Selema is also a musician, recording under the alias 'Alekesam' (Masekela backwards). Selema thrives as a Black man who has historically been ‘the only’ in the spaces of action sports & entertainment. The son of South African jazz legend & activist Hugh Masekela, his roots are equal parts South African, New York City & Southern California.

Music & water are two of the most influential parts of Selema’s life. At 16, he first felt at home on a surfboard. At 8, he sat in on late night jazz sessions with his father & Miles Davis. It’s these unique life experiences that push Selema to share stories of others like him - highlighting people & places through lenses that break molds & redefine culture.

Selema’s relentless curiosity as a narrator of the human experience offers a space for conversations with a wide landscape of dynamic individuals; he breaks down commonly held barriers and offers intersectionality that consistently creates change. As a former co-founder of South African surf brand Mami Wata, he led the charge for the apparel’s launch in the US in late 2021. He also released AFRO SURF last year to critical acclaim, the first book to capture and celebrate the surfing culture of Africa. He is now working on his own lifestyle brand, Alekesam.

Selema is the co-founder of Stoked Mentoring, an organization dedicated to mentoring at risk youth through action sports. He is an ambassador for Dockers, works as a consultant & talent for Red Bull and sits on the Board of Directors for BURTON.

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