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Stephanie  Grisham

Stephanie Grisham

Former White House Press Secretary for Donald Trump & Bestselling Author

Stephanie Grisham

Former White House Press Secretary for Donald Trump & Bestselling Author


Stephanie Grisham is a public relations specialist and television pundit with over 15 years of experience at the highest levels of government and media relations. She is one of just 31 people in American history to hold the title of White House Press Secretary, and the only person in history to hold that title while also serving as Communications Director for both the West and East Wings of the White House. She is the New York Times bestselling author of I’ll Take Your Questions Now, What I Saw in the Trump White House and regularly appears on CNN to discuss the nation’s political landscape. Her mission today is educating people about the extremist wing of the Republican party and the dangers of a second Trump term. Stephanie was also a regular guest host on ABC’s The View.

A fierce advocate for what she believes to be fair and true, Grisham navigated all four years of the Trump Administration with a combination of skill and tenacity. Some of these traits were on display when she tangled with a North Korean security guard to provide access to American journalists covering the U.S. President's visit to meet Kin Jung Un in North Korea.

During her time in the White House, Stephanie handled many duties, which included briefing the President throughout the day, coordinating the Administration's communications for domestic and foreign affairs, and negotiating media interviews for the President, First Lady, Cabinet members and senior staff. Stephanie holds a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearances and was read into national security issues daily.

Grisham traveled the world with the Administration, interacting with Foreign Heads of State and Dignitaries and representing the United States as a U.S. Delegate. She regularly appeared on national and local news and interacted daily with the White House press corps to try and shape coverage. Challenging though it was, the opportunity to serve her country was the honor of a lifetime.

Before moving to Washington, DC Stephanie was the spokesperson for the Arizona Speaker of the House, Arizona Republican Majority Caucus, and Arizona Attorney General. Prior to her time in government, Grisham worked for national public relations firms based in Arizona and California. Her topics of expertise are national Republican politics, Arizona politics, immigration and border issues, and education reform.

In her spare time, Grisham volunteers her time speaking to abused or neglected children and is working to start a nonprofit animal sanctuary. She has two sons, Kurtis and Jake.

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