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Steve  Harden

Steve Harden

Chairman & CEO of LifeWings Partners

Steve Harden

Chairman & CEO of LifeWings Partners


A coach, trainer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Steve Harden is the founder of Leaders Get Results LLC, and the former Chairman, and CEO of LifeWings Partners LLC. Steve has coached over 20,000 clinical and administrative staff in 250 health care organizations around the world, helping them effectively lead initiatives to eliminate patient harm, improve quality, and drive out waste and inefficiency in their patient care processes.

Prior to his work in healthcare, Steve served as an international Captain for FedEx, and leveraged his experience as a former US Navy TOPGUN fighter pilot to co-found Crew Training International, Inc. (CTI), the world's largest provider of teamwork and communications skills training for military flight squadrons. CTI’s training programs helped produce an historic improvement in the safety of military aircraft operations.

Steve shares his expertise in personal and organizational excellence around the world in conferences, workshops, presentations, and in group and one-on-one coaching sessions. He’s authored, or co-authored, three books on patient safety, written hundreds of articles and newsletters on performance improvement and high reliability, and designed over 40 separate training programs for commercial aviation, military flight squadrons, heavy construction, military contractors, and health care.

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Turbo Charge Your Checklist

Was It Really a Miracle?

Speech Topics

Was It Really a Miracle? What Healthcare Leaders Can Learn About High Reliability from Captain Sully & the Hudson River Landing

US Airways flight 1549, under the command of Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, ditched in the Hudson River in New York City due to a catastrophic loss of thrust in both engines. Capt. Sully and his crew have been widely hailed as heroes and the ditching event has been repeatedly described in the media as the "Miracle on the Hudson." Few outside observers understand the three key ingredients of the culture of safety – and the key leadership actions necessary to create this culture in high reliability organizations – that contributed to the successful outcome of the event. By analyzing the lessons learned from the Miracle on the Hudson, healthcare leaders will understand the steps needed to replicate the key components of a high-performance culture where team members hold one another accountable to do what they say they are going to do. This highly customized presentation includes messages about teamwork and collaboration, hardwired safety tools, and just culture.

Team Decision Making: How Leaders Can Create a Culture of Accountability

In this presentation, Steve Harden conducts an experiential session in which participants will learn how to encourage (and get) the input of their colleagues in a way that fosters a culture where it is both safe, and expected, to speak up. The presentation utilizes a dynamic, skills-building role play requiring the participation of all audience members.

Either Work on Your Culture or Your Culture is Working on You: How to Prescriptively & Intentionally Create a High-Performance Organizational Culture

Drawing on his years as a TOPGUN fighter pilot and corporate coach to thousands of professionals, Steve Harden leads participants through an interactive and dynamic session

They learn to:

  • Cross-check peer performance to provide mutual support;
  • Speak up and make an assertive statement and create a "stop-the-line" mentality;
  • Train their colleagues how to make an assertive statement.

Overcoming the Culture of Silence: Speaking Up to Stop Patient Harm