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Tiffany  Manuel, PhD

Tiffany Manuel, PhD

President & CEO, TheCaseMade

Tiffany Manuel, PhD

President & CEO, TheCaseMade


Dr. Tiffany Manuel (DrT) wants to bring joy to your justice seeking. She’s challenged audiences around the country to reimagine how justice wins by adopting leadership principles that pivot around crisis fatigue, bust dominant narratives about the big issues of our day, and reframe the bedtime stories we tell ourselves about why things aren’t getting better. DrT helps everyday leaders listen better, rally more people to their causes, and tap into their community’s aspirations for a better world for all of us.

A Detroit, Michigan native, DrT (as most people affectionately call her) grew up during one of the most turbulent times in the city’s history. During her most formative years, she witnessed many types of inequality and decided to dedicate her future to combating injustice. Now, she champions better policies, programs, investments, and services that can transform our cities and communities for the better. She has also worked to expand opportunity, equity, and inclusion through 25+ years of professional and volunteer experience spanning the private and nonprofit sectors, government, and academia.

DrT is a dynamic speaker who has appeared in news media, journals, and some of the largest international conferences. She is the best-selling author of several books, most recently Case Made!: 10 Powerful Leadership Principles that Win Hearts, Change Minds, and Grow Impact. She founded and is President and CEO of TheCaseMade, a leading organization dedicated to helping leaders powerfully and intentionally make the case for systems change. She is chair of the board of directors of Shelterforce, the interim executive director of The Redress Movement, and a member of the board of trustees with KABOOM! (the national nonprofit working to end childhood play inequity in communities across the country) and Rebuilding Together (an organization that organizers volunteers to repair the homes of seniors and low-income families for free).

At TheCaseMade, DrT works with hundreds of passionate social changemakers, innovators, and adaptive leaders around the United States who are building better, stronger communities that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. By aligning their community stakeholders around the kind of deep systems changes that can improve population outcomes, these leaders are able to grow their impact, scale their programs, and harness the investments they need to improve their communities.

In her previous roles at Enterprise Community Partners and FrameWorks, DrT helped advance the “narrative change” movement and leverage ways of using data to support smarter community investment strategy. The narrative movement (in particular) helps justice seekers see important issues, like housing, homelessness, and health care, in a new way and leverage the evidence and data they use to make the case for innovative solutions. Trained as a social scientist in quantitative and qualitative methods, DrT is a self-professed “data, policy, and messaging wonk.” She is passionate about translating the insights harvested from her research and practice to improve our ability to build public will around the critical issues that matter most. She holds doctorate and master’s degrees in public policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a master’s degree in political science from Purdue University, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago.

DrT is a lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, an African American public service sorority.

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Speech Topics

Making the Case for Stronger, Healthier, Equitable Communities: Shifting the Narrative to Build Public & Political Will

This is a powerful moment to be advancing social and environmental health in the United States, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the health inequities exacerbated by coronavirus and the significant economic hardships facing Americans. As powerful as this moment is, if we are not careful in how we make the case for our work and how we shift the narratives that constrain public support, we can miss the opportunity to mobilize new supporters and catalyze much needed resources. Or worse, we can have our efforts to engage people in our work backfire. In this session, Dr. Tiffany Manuel will introduce us to the principles of Strategic CaseMaking™ and help us understand how to leverage this moment to build the broader public and political will we need to move forward.

Advancing Racial Equity & Inclusion in Your Organization

We are living in a powerful moment in history. Leaders across our country are being challenged to embrace equity and inclusion in new and meaningful ways. Some are new to this journey, while others have been using an equity lens for some time and are excited to use this opportunity to reinforce their commitment to that work. Wherever you are on this journey, advancing racial equity and inclusion in the places where we work has the power to transform the future of our country. At the same time, and the work to advance racial equity and inclusion will move faster with a stronger groundswell of support. In this keynote presentation, DrT will share proven strategies for advancing equity in all aspects of our work.

The Case Made: Powerful Leadership Principles that Win Hearts, Change Minds & Grow Impact

Justice is a journey, not a destination. In this presentation that has gotten thousands of changemakers excited to reimagine how justice wins, DrT outlines her 10 Powerful Leadership Principles. Together, the principles represent DrT’s unique approach to making deep, systemic change: Strategic CaseMaking™, an evidence-based approach that strengthens your call-to-action, brings new champions forward, and aligns your stakeholders around your systems change strategy. DrT shows leaders how to pull others forward to see their stake in a better future and inspire change. You’ll leave this presentation ready to roll!

Bringing Home the Importance of Abundant, Affordable Housing

Home is where the heart is, and housing is a foundational need in every community. But advocates and allies in communities across the nation are struggling to build public support for the deep investment in housing needed to meet the needs of teachers and firefighters, business owners and workers, young families, and grandparents. In this popular and rousing keynote, DrT lays out proven strategies used successfully in hundreds of housing campaigns across the country. She starts by explaining how public audiences think about housing; how and why traditional messages about the need for more housing backfire; and what language works to change the narrative. And she gives tried-and-true pointers on how to counter the thorny challenges of community opposition to affordable housing.

The Public & Political Will to End Homelessness Is in Reach. We Need to Grab It.

Across the country, efforts to end homelessness and supply abundant and affordable housing are gaining traction. The sheer scale of the challenges facing average Americans in finding decent housing is pushing these issues onto the national and local political agendas. Yet messages meant to advance homelessness often backfire and the deals being brokered to address affordable housing often leave unsheltered populations out in the cold. Building public and political will to move transformative solutions forward – especially those that have an equity lens – remains tough. In this keynote, DrT, will talk about 10 powerful leadership principles that will help justice seekers foster stronger community engagement and multi-sector alignment in ways that allow us to take advantage of building momentum and American’s deep-seated desire to see an end to homelessness.

How to Lead the Way Toward Equitable, High-Quality Early Childhood Services

We all want every child to have a good healthy start in life that leads to thriving adulthood. And early childhood professionals and educators know firsthand the need for more public investment to support equitable access to high-quality services and supports for families with infants and toddlers. Sharing experiences with policymakers, educators and community leaders can be an important catalyst for change. DrT shares her expertise in powerfully and intentionally making the case to improve systems. With a strong focus on racial equity and inclusion, Dr. T will share 10 powerful leadership principles that can help you to effectively advocate for what infants, toddlers, and families in your community need.

Back to the Future? What Black Sci-Fi Author Octavia Butler Teaches Us About Making the Case for Justice (We’re Taking Two Steps Back)

CaseMaking—narrative that builds the collective will for social change by tapping into people’s aspirations and hopes for the future—has won big gains on racial, gender, and economic justice issues in the past. But today, in a changed cultural environment, many gains have been challenged and, to varying extents, undone. In this unique and inspiring presentation, based on her Nonprofit Quarterly article, DrT shares what one of her favorite novels, Octavia Butler’s classic time-travel story Kindred, teaches us about how to make the case for justice during times of conservative retrenchment. She’ll share five ways to strengthen our narratives and tell more durable stories—so we don’t have to repeat the past so often when it comes to the many important ways our country must move forward.

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DrT and her team at TheCaseMade offer leadership and professional development workshops for a variety of industries including housing, health care, education, the environment, gun violence prevention, and other justice issues.