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William  Joseph

William Joseph

Pianist, Composer & Performer


Pianist-composer-performer William Joseph’s career began when he met David Foster, the 14-time Grammy-winning songwriter/composer/producer who has worked with everyone from Barbra Streisand to Céline Dion. Joseph boldly went up to Foster at a charity event and asked if he could play his piano. Foster said, “Play something,” and as Joseph felt his heart skip a beat, he knew that this was his moment. Read More >

Suddenly, Foster signaled to his band to join in and began conducting them. As Joseph tells it: “I’m playing this song I’d written and I’m thinking, ‘Please don’t mess up now.’ I finish, everybody started applauding, and it was like a scene from a movie.” The original composition stopped Foster in his tracks. Foster says, “I felt like I was looking at a younger, more talented, better-looking version of myself. A standing ovation later and I knew I had to work with him.”

At age 8, Joseph won a full music scholarship provided by the Boys Clubs of America, enabling him to study piano with Russian pianist Stella Saperstein. Joseph’s sound, which could be described as ‘classical pop’ for its eclectic mix of genres, have earned this young performer a growing legion of fans who appreciate the artist’s polish as well as the crowd-pleasing verve he brings to his live performances and to his most recent album Beyond.

“When I sit down it’s purely about the music. I focus on the emotion and the melody, then go back and think about what this story is telling me.” This statement is how William Joseph describes the process of composing his music, and audiences connect on the same visceral level the world-over. Touring with the likes of Josh Groban and Il Divo, fans have had the chance to connect with Joseph in a live setting.

His vigorous playing style has also given him the chance to perform with the likes of Barbara Streisand, Natalie Cole, Kenny G, John Mayer and Alicia Keys. William Joseph’s goal is to take people on a musical journey, connect with them and hear what they think, which is why he loves meeting people after the shows. In the end, Joseph wants to bring as many people along on his adventure as possible. Read Less ^

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