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Gina  McCarthy
Gina McCarthy

EPA Administrator under President Obama

A career public servant in both Democratic and Republican administrations, Gina McCarthy has been an advocate for common sense strategies to protect public health and the environment for more than thirty years.

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John B. King
John B. King

Secretary of Education under President Obama

A passionate advocate and inspiring educational leader, former Secretary of Education John B. King considers himself living proof of the transformative power of education.

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David  Hoppe
David Hoppe

Former Chief of Staff to Paul Ryan

From his early days crafting President Reagan’s tax reforms to his recent role as Chief of Staff to Speaker Paul Ryan, David Hoppe has advised the most powerful Republicans in Congress.

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Ralph  Nader
Ralph Nader

Consumer Advocate

A former Green Party candidate for president, Ralph Nader fights for the people on the issues that matter most: healthcare, safety, environment, ethics, education, and economic & social equality.

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Sarah  Palin
Sarah Palin

Former VP Candidate & Governor of Alaska

Known for the meteoric rise that captured hearts and minds worldwide, Sarah Palin is a passionate voice on faith and family who shares her vision for an energy independent, fiscally responsible and safe America.

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Jon  Finer
Jon Finer

Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Kerry

Jon Finer’s career highlights include key roles in the Iran nuclear deal, Paris climate accord, Middle East peace talks, European immigration crisis and Asia rebalance, and the effort to end the Syrian civil war. 

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Brian  Deese
Brian Deese

Senior Advisor to President Obama

From restructuring the American auto industry to securing the Paris Climate Agreement, Brian Deese was the President’s point person on some of the most historic undertakings of the Obama administration.

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Lawrence  Lessig
Lawrence Lessig

Harvard Law Professor & Presidential Candidate

One of the most inspiring and visionary thought leaders of the digital age, Lawrence Lessig occupies a unique place at the intersection of transformative ideals, citizen activism and democracy itself.

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