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Steve  Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder, Apple Computer, Inc.

Speaker Steve Wozniak changed the computer world when he designed Apple's first product line: Apple I and II. He is also a philanthropist focusing on computer use in schools.

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Talithia  Williams
Talithia Williams

Big Data Expert & Professor, Math & Statistics

Dr. Williams is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. She exemplifies the role of teacher and scholar through research as she integrates the educational process with statistical applications.

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David  Pogue
David Pogue

Technology Columnist & NOVA Host

Tech columnist and best-selling author David Pogue is one of today's most entertaining, informative and popular speakers. He provides valuable insights into how technology impacts our lives and careers.

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Jason  Latimer
Jason Latimer

The World Champion of Magic

By the age of 22, Jason Latimer had achieved a level of recognition in the magic community matched only twice. His infectious love for the unknown inspires millions around the world to and ask, "What is possible?"

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Steven  Squyres
Steven Squyres

Scientific Investigator, NASA

Having made history as the leader of NASA's pioneering robotic drive across Mars, Steven Squyres shares insights and photos that will ignite interest in the sciences.

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Bill  Nye "The Science Guy"
Bill Nye "The Science Guy"

The Science Guy

Combining his talents as a scientist, inventor, comedian, keynote speaker, and author, Nye has attracted adults and children to the wonders of science. He's known for Disney Presents Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

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Sylvester James Gates
Sylvester James Gates

Theoretical Physicist Known for Supersymmetry

Physicist Sylvester James Gates, Jr. teaches physics at the University of Maryland. His thesis, “Symmetry Principles in Selected Problems of Field Theory,” was the first at MIT to deal with supersymmetry.

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Michio  Kaku
Michio Kaku

World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Michio Kaku is an authority in Einstein's unified theory field, innovation, and "the future of the future.” He explores the science of tomorrow from computing power and AI to communication and genetics.

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