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APB’s Deborah Perry Piscione Explores How Big Ideas Are Born in Compelling 'Fast Company' Article

20 Feb 2015

How do today’s top business leaders come up with their pioneering ideas? APB speaker Deborah Perry Piscione probed this question in the recent Fast Company article, "How the Larry Pages of the World Get Their Big Ideas," adapted from her bestselling book Risk Factor.

Following a 2014 interview with Dr. Paul Jacobs, the now executive chairman of Qualcomm, it dawned on Perry Piscione that there were common threads among the world’s leading innovators that no one had yet defined. Taking a groundbreaking new look at the culture of how business is being done, she came up with a methodology called improvisational innovation, which is defined as engaging all of the talent within the organization, regardless of job title, education level, or pay grade. By creating an environment that invites company-wide participation and is open to change, ideas are better cultivated, visions are broadened, and success is found.

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Deborah Perry Piscione is a Principal at Vorto Consulting who fully customizes her presentations to focus on the areas of risk that are most important to your audience. Her unique position to help perceive risk in a brand new way helps create environments that supports genius, rather than the generic.

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