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APB’s Richard Carmona, 17th US Surgeon General, Weighs in on the Vaccination Debate

11 Feb 2015

As the reported cases of measles continue to rise nationwide, the immunization debate has reached new levels of intensity among the general public and health officials. In response to an active and emotional discussion between those for and against the medical practice, APB speaker and former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona appeared on Fox News to discuss the effectiveness of vaccines.

Carmona explained that pre-1957, almost every child got the measles; however, today the disease has been virtually wiped out because of immunization—immunizations that have proven to be very safe, effective, and typically without complication. He further stated that there is overwhelming evidence supporting vaccination as a beneficial practice that not only protects children and families, but our nation as well, in turn keeping healthcare costs down. +View Clip

An advocate for prevention and preparedness, Carmona encourages the public to be actively educated by asking questions and becoming fully informed about risks and benefits before pursuing any type of medical care. Recognized as an expert in both the tactics for, and provision of, medical care during catastrophic incidents, Carmona is an inspirational speaker who is committed to bipartisan solutions to the complex issues we face today.

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