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As Seen on Good Morning America: APB’s Albert Manero Spreads Hope with Revolutionary Bionic Limbs

05 Jun 2015

APB speaker, Albert Manero believes that every child that may be limitless should not be ‘limbitless' to “dream big dreams.” For this reason, Manero and his team at Limbitless Solutions are devoted to developing solutions for children in need of bionic limbs.

Manero, with the help of Winter, the prosthetic-tail bearing dolphin most famous for her presence in the movie, Dolphin Tale, spread some of this hope with his team to ten year old Anni. During a ceremony, held at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida, Anni was presented with a personally fitted, 3-D bionic hand by Dolphin Tale star, Cozi Zuehlsdorff. Also in attendance were fellow Limbitless recipients, Alex, who was recently given his new arm by Ironman’s Robert Downey Jr. and Wyatt, who was theatrically presented his arm inspired by his favorite people, the Blue Man group, this past April. +Watch the ceremony here.

Limbitless Solutions was founded and assembled by Manero, consisting of innovators and engineers who use their skills to manufacture 3D printed personal bionics for those with disabilities. In his speeches, Manero discusses how his innovative idea now serves as an affordable alternative to otherwise impossibly acquired prosthetics. In addition, he shares the amazing stories of how the team has provided children with better lives, improved confidence and what Limbitless calls “3D hope.”

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