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Ralph Nader’s Famous Book 'Unsafe at Any Speed' Celebrates 50th Year

05 Jun 2015

In November 1965, APB speaker Ralph Nader published his instant bestseller Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary--and a limited run reprint--this fall. America’s foremost “public citizen,” Nader has changed the face of big business, forcing his remedies on corporate America for their own good.

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Nader’s National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act standardized seat belts in automobiles, forcing the auto industry to ignore the resulting short-term costs. This legislation also helped save General Motors from certain lawsuit death – a story famously chronicled in his book. Ultimately, Unsafe at Any Speed mobilized a mass movement of ordinary consumers to demand safer cars and better laws, resulting in seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes and other innovations to help reduce automobile fatalities.

For 50 years, American Program Bureau has been committed to offering audiences exciting personalities, innovators, and thought-leaders of the day; we are proud to count Ralph Nader among one of the very first to join our roster. A former presidential candidate for the Green Party, he continues to advocate for safe practices and shares an honest, informed, insider perspective of today's realities in his thought-provoking keynotes. Speaking with unmatched experience, he tackles the difficult issues our country faces today and what we will be up against in the future.

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