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Still Need a Keynote for Domestic Violence Awareness Month? We Can Help.

15 Jun 2015

Still need a speaker for your Domestic Violence Awareness event in October? We can help. Below we've highlighted some of our most popular speakers on the subject, or you can view our full roster of Domestic Violence Awareness speakers here.

VICTOR RIVAS RIVERS | Activist, Actor & Author of A Private Family Matter. +Read Full Bio

TANYA BROWN | Sister to the late Nicole Brown Simpson & Mental Health Advocate. +Read Full Bio

WILLIAM KELLIBREW IV | Expert on Violence & International Advocate for Victims' Rights. +Read Full Bio

TAYLOR ARMSTRONG | "Real Housewife" & Domestic Abuse Survivor. +Read Full Bio

JEFF KEMP | Former NFL Quarterback & Vice President at FamilyLife. +Read Full Bio

MELISSA MOORE | Daughter of the "Happy Face Serial Killer" & Author of Shattered Silence. +Read Full Bio

DAWN SCHILLER | Trafficking Survivor & Domestic Violence Prevention Activist. +Read Full Bio

MILDRED MUHAMMAD | Domestic Violence Survivor & Former Wife to the "DC Sniper." +Read Full Bio

LIZ SECCURO | Victims' Rights Activist & Author of Crash Into Me. +Read Full Bio

+View Our Full Roster of Domestic Violence Awareness Speakers