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Find a Dynamic Speaker for Your National Recovery Month Event

12 May 2015

(May 12, 2015) While it may seem early to start thinking about the fall, now is the time to begin planning your event for later this year, with September being National Recovery Month.

We are proud to represent many of today’s leading mental health and substance use disorders speakers who address issues ranging from managing the symptoms of depression to understanding the journey to recovery from addiction. Whether they are survivors sharing their past experiences or fighters discussing their ongoing battle, our speakers educate and inspire audiences with powerful, candid keynotes. Below we've highlighted some of our most popular voices on mental health and substance use disorders.

PATRICK KENNEDY | Kennedy is the former US Representative from Rhode Island whose 16 years in Congress were marked by work surrounding healthcare reform. Having struggled with bipolar disorder and addiction, he aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. He is the co-founder of One Mind for Research, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing efficiency in brain disorder research. +Read Full Bio

CHRIS HERREN | A former NBA player, Herren was a high school basketball legend who realized his lifelong dream of playing for the Boston Celtics only to lose it all to alcohol and drug addiction—a harrowing story chronicled in his memoir Basketball Junkie and in the ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary Unguarded. Now sober, he shares his journey of abuse and recovery in with audiences nationwide. +Read Full Bio

JENNIFER HOLLIDAY | An incredible singer and songwriter whose performances have spanned the globe, Holliday shares her moving story of having lived with depression for over a decade. Offering intimate truths about her life, she shows audiences that there is a healing path out of depression's darkness, and that recovery is an ongoing process maintained through networks of support and treatment. +Read Full Bio

DR. LONISE BIAS | The mother of college basketball star Len Bias, who died of a cocaine overdose, and James Bias, who four years later was murdered in a drive-by shooting, Dr. Bias has turned her losses into a calling to help others. She shares her deeply personal tragedies in an effort to steer youth away from the perils of alcohol, drugs, and violence. +Read Full Bio

DAVID SHEFF & NIC SHEFF | A recovering alcoholic and addict, Nic Sheff penned the hard-hitting memoirs Tweak and We All Fall Down, sparing no detail about his experiences. His father, renowned journalist David Sheff, shares the struggle from his point of view in Beautiful Boy. The two recount a compelling, heartbreaking, and honest story of the emotional rollercoaster of addiction and recovery. +Read Full Bio

CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY LAWFORD | In recovery for more than two decades from drug addiction, Kennedy Lawford campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the recovery community in both the public and private sectors. Having worked with the United Nations, the White House Office on Drug Control Policy, and the World Health Organization, he shares a powerful message that addresses the perils of addiction in society today. +Read Full Bio

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