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Still Need a Keynote for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We Can Help.

12 May 2015

If you haven't already secured your keynote for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, APB is here to help. We are proud to represent some of today’s most passionate and respected voices who have dedicated their lives to promoting the education and prevention of this horrible disease. These speakers' inspirational and motivational keynotes reflect on everything from loved ones who have lost the battle to personal struggles and triumphs fighting breast cancer. Below we've highlighted some of our most popular voices on the topic.

KELLY CORRIGAN | In her best-selling memoir, The Middle Place, Corrigan recounts how she cared for her cancer-afflicted father while battling breast cancer herself. Now an advocate for cancer awareness and an inspiring speaker who has become known as an "audience favorite," she shares her life experiences with candor, poignancy, and a dose of humor. +Read Full Bio

REGINA BENJAMIN | The 18th Surgeon General of the United States and former chair of the National Prevention Council, Benjamin is credited for effectively changing the roadmap of our nation’s health for the better. Drawing on her extensive experience and broad range of expertise, she imparts the importance of prevention and early detection. +Read Full Bio

SAMANTHA HARRIS | A former Dancing with the Stars host, Harris is an Emmy-nominated entertainment journalist, health and fitness expert, and breast cancer survivor. Sharing her inspiring story with warmth and candor, she motivates audiences to adopt healthier, more active lifestyles and to trust their instincts when it comes to their wellbeing. +Read Full Bio

MICHAEL SAMUELSON | One of the media’s go-to experts on healthcare and disease prevention, Samuelson is an avid high altitude mountain adventurer and cancer survivor. As CEO of the Health and Wellness Institute, he speaks on such topics as patient experience, health policy, and disease prevention. +Read Full Bio

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