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Plan Now for Fall Events: Book a Dynamic LGBT History Month Speaker!

20 May 2015

While it may seem early to start thinking about the fall, now is the time to begin planning your National LGBT History Month event for October. APB is proud to represent some of today’s most passionate and respected voices who have dedicated their lives to advocating for civil rights. These speakers' inspirational and motivational keynotes challenge us to stand up for our fellow human beings, reminding us that the fight for equal rights is far from over. Below we've highlighted some of our most popular speakers on the topic, or you can view our full roster of LGBT speakers here.

GREG LOUGANIS | A world champion diver and Olympic gold medalist, Louganis is an active member of the LGBT community. Also the author of the NYT Bestseller Breaking the Surface, he captivates audiences with his courageous story of battling substance abuse and meeting the challenges of living with AIDS and clinical depression. +Read Full Bio

CAROLE LEIFER | A trailblazing female in the world of standup comedy, Leifer is an award-winning writer for such shows as Saturday Night Live and Modern Family. In her engaging keynotes and stand-up presentations, she shares insight gleaned from her own life experience of coming out as a lesbian in her forties. +Read Full Bio

WADE DAVIS |A former NFL player who kept his sexuality a secret for nearly a decade after his career came to a close, Davis is now opening up about sexual identity, finding acceptance, and transitioning. As the executive director of the You Can Play Project, he works to combat homophobia and discrimination. +Read Full Bio

CLEVE JONES | Jones’s career as an activist began in San Francisco during the turbulent 1970s, when he befriended pioneer gay rights leader Harvey Milk. He has since founded the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt and has become one of the most sought-after speakers on AIDS awareness, treatment, and education. +Read Full Bio